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New contributor :: BLC Leather

New contributor :: BLC Leather

by , December 16, 2013

So this isn’t like our normal new contributor profile, as it’s a consultancy rather than an individual. But as we seek experts in carry to share their expertise, we couldn’t think of a better place to go.

BLC Leather Technology consult, test, train and trouble-shoot all things leather. In their words, they are “a specialist boutique leather consulting and technology support company.”

They’re good enough at it that the big brands sought them out when they needed help establishing and running the Leather Working Group (more on this great sustainability initiative in future posts).

suitcase and shoes

Based in Northampton in the UK, they work with tanners, suppliers and brands right through the design, production and supply stages.

So along our normal theme with these intros, we thought we’d ask BLC (namely Adam, Georgina and Vikki from BLC) what it is they love about leather, one of the foundation materials for carry…


BLC: Arguably one of man’s earliest and most useful discoveries, leather is a beautiful, timeless, durable and versatile material with unique aesthetic, performance and comfort properties. Made from a natural and renewable resource, leather is also prestigious; a material that is desired, coveted and cherished. From its use in pre-historic times to serve the basic needs of primitive man, through its use as effective armor in historical battles to its multitude of uses in the modern world, leather has played a fascinating and crucial role in the development of civilization.

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A quick round up of areas where leather is used extensively include the world of carry with bags, luggage and wallets. But also shoes, garments, furniture, automotive and jet interiors, watch straps, purses, belts, phone and tablet cases, hats, equestrian saddles, bookbinding, soft furnishings, medical and industrial uses…the options are literally endless.

Working in the leather industry is a privilege. BLC works closely with the global value chain community and we love it. Leather is in our DNA. We feel passionate about it as a material and are here to help all those who work in the business of making and selling leather and leather products.

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