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The Best Winter Clothes and Accessories for Men in 2021

The Best Winter Clothes and Accessories for Men in 2021

by , January 22, 2021

As the coldest season finally lands at our doorsteps, there is a multitude of adventures just around the corner. This capsule was curated with winter, in all its forms, in mind. It is a peculiar season on many accounts, because you may find yourself in anything from a balmy 40ºF bluebird day to an epic twenty below snowstorm, sometimes in the same twenty-four hours. All of the selections in this capsule have been chosen for their versatility, performance, and reliability. However, all this performance doesn’t come at the cost of style, and these pieces will keep you looking sharp.

I’ve spent the last ten weeks putting these items through their paces to bring you a smorgasbord of winter-ready pieces. They’ve come with me winter hiking, taken me on photography assignments, helped me complete home maintenance, and even tidied me up to see the in-laws. Although, one man’s adventure is another man’s nightmare, so we’ve curated a capsule that should see you through a plethora of situations. 

Split into four sections, there is something for everyone here. You likely won’t need everything in this capsule. But hopefully, you’ll find a piece or two (or ten!) that makes the winter of 2021 a little more exciting, a little more enjoyable, and if nothing else, a little more comfortable! 

The Outdoorsman

Do you like to get your hands dirty? Are you looking for the toughest items out there? You’re going to love this curation of hardy, timeless, and comfortable pieces.

Hestra Njord

The ‘Do it all’ Winter Jacket – Fjällräven Vidda Pro Wool Padded Jacket

Fjällräven Vidda Pro Wool Padded Jacket

Fjällräven are known for their eco-conscious, traditional (yet innovative), and robust products. This beauty is no exception. Classic Scandi styling makes this jacket an incredibly useful and versatile piece. I found myself calling on this jacket many times throughout my testing because it’s a great chameleon. It isn’t the luxury overcoat you wear to dinner, nor the parka ready to tackle the ends of the world, but it fits every other use case. I used this scrambling around and over rocks while hiking, going to the grocery store on those windy and wet days, and working in the garden while chopping wood.

With Fjällräven’s rugged, yet handsome, G-1000 Eco outer shell (a tough 65% cotton, 35% polyester mix), this jacket can take a beating from the elements. The G-1000 Eco is naturally wind and water-resistant. But if you feel like you want more help, you can enhance that by adding another layer (or three!) of their famous wax. Not only is the outer shell tough, it is minimal too. The branding only consists of a small leather arctic fox on the arm and ‘G-1000’ near the cuff seam. I like my jackets clean, so a big thumbs up from me.

Internally, you are kept nice and snug by an environmentally conscious lining of Swedish wool and PLA (a bioplastic made from corn starch). I had no problem staying warm with just a flannel in chilly 15ºF temperatures. Eight well-placed pockets make this a tool as much as a jacket. For me it held lenses, batteries, and snacks for long days of shooting. This Scandinavian creation will live by my door for a long time, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Winter Workers  – Heavy-Duty Sweaters

Sometimes during winter, the natural inclination is to hibernate, eat your body weight in tasty snacks (are you a sweet or savory snacker?), and pretend that life is on hold until March or April when the days are longer and the nights are warmer. However, we can’t spend all winter inside! If you are on the east coast like me, there is work to be done to stay warm and happy! Wood to be chopped, grass to be cut, garden furniture to be moved countless times (“I think it looks fine here, darling”). Robust sweaters are the name of the game when you’re getting your sweat on. A jacket will overheat you, a t-shirt will freeze you, so nature’s perfect insulator merino wool is the savior!

Both the Fjällräven G1000 Pocket Sweater and Filson Crew Neck Guide Sweater have been workhorses for me and kept me on task without fear of damaged goods. Fjällräven’s lightweight pocket sweater is easy to slip on, with merino wool that is knit in a smooth-to-the-touch weave. This is complemented by a chest pocket, reinforced elbow patches, and a corozo button closure all made from their resilient G-1000 eco fabric. I found this went really well over a button-down, too. While this is designed for the outdoors, I wouldn’t be afraid to use it in more day-to-day, casual situations also.

Filson’s USA-made crewneck is like the sweater your grandmother made. The yarn is slightly different from the standard. It is “highly twisted”, which essentially means it is more durable and resists pilling, and when combined with a thick chunky weave, it makes you feel like a tank. This rough and ready exterior is complemented with a ribbed crewneck, cuffs, and hems and these work in tandem to either keep the heat in or any other clothing items out of the way while you work. After two months of use as my wood chopping sweater, I see no signs of damage, just lots of sawdust.

The perfect merino undershirts – Unbound Merino

Some days are just colder than others. Or perhaps you’re one-bagging it and need to reduce the amount of clothes you’re carrying. Unbound Merino heard your calls with an excellent selection of wool items that will soon be your favorites. By now, we all know the benefits of merino: lightweight, wrinkle-free, antimicrobial, temperature regulating (these will help you stay cool in the warmer months!), fast-drying, and so on. If you know that, you also know that not all merino is created equal! Thankfully, Unbound are industry leaders.

Their 100% merino tees with stylish silhouettes work in a multitude of settings (I’ve worn mine day-to-day, hiking, running, and snowboarding). They have crewnecks, v-necks, and long sleeves which work perfectly for layering under one of the burly sweaters that I mentioned earlier, or as a reinforcement to your winter plaid. They keep you warm when the wind blows, they breathe when you’re building up a sweat, and they can handle moisture too (whether that’s yours, Mother Nature’s, or both!).

Unbound Merino Wool Crew Neck T-Shirt

When you’re chopping away, wondering why you had that extra few beers last night, a jacket or wool sweater is too much. That’s when the Filson Fleece Lined Jac-Shirt comes out to play. With a tough 10oz cotton-canvas shell, this is made for hard days in the garden and beyond. This will take all you can throw at it, while keeping you warm and stylish too. Muted colors, fleece-lined, and easy snap closures which allow you to get the shirt on and off quickly with gloves. This is a great option for when your activity output varies as you do your chores.

Pants for life – Filson Flannel-Lined Dry Tin Pants

The Best Winter Clothes and Accessories for Men in 2021
Filson Flannel-Lined Dry Tin Pants

For those of you who spend more time outside than inside during the winter, lined pants are almost a necessity. Even better when they are made by the outdoor aficionados at Filson. Combining two of their famous materials (tin cloth and Alaskan flannel), these pants are ready to keep you warm and protected as you go about your work. These trapped the heat when the mercury hit the teens and the tin cloth will take a beating and look better with each use. Sparks from the firepit, splinters, inclement weather, none of them were a match for these! While the soft 8oz Alaskan flannel will help to keep those winter winds at bay. The old-school five-pocket design, reinforced belt loops, and simple style tell you these were designed for one thing only: hard work in harsh conditions. Get to it!

With all of this work, you’ve got to look after your hands. The Hestra Njord Gloves are a do-everything glove. Made from goat leather, with a 100% wool removable lining, these are perfect for any outdoor activity. The double layering makes these versatile too. On the warmer days, just the leather outer will work admirably. When you need the extra warmth, the wool liners are waiting to be called upon. These have become my wood chopping, IPA drinking, long walk glove. Supremely comfortable, I know that these are going to get a beautiful patina that looks better with every year.

Everyday Headwear – Tilley Merino Beanie

Tilley Merino Beanie

You’ve got to keep the head warm in winter! The Canadian company Tilley are known for their expertise in headwear and they’ve proven it again with this simple but excellent merino beanie. 100% merino wool, with a heavyweight 7GG knit, this hat has accompanied me almost everywhere in the last ten weeks of testing. I found it comfortable, lightweight, and stylish. I sometimes find beanies too tight or oversized. This one is “just right” for me and it looks great too in the dark green colorway, although you have ten options if green isn’t your thing!

Retro Style – Filson Double Mackinaw Wool Hat

Filson Double Mackinaw Wool Hat

If there are days when you want to go back in time, or it’s just brutally cold, look no further than the Pacific Northwest. The team at Filson has continued to use their luxurious Mackinaw wool in this offering, and boy is it toasty. Made from 100% virgin wool, with an insulated crown and sheepskin earflaps, there is no danger of getting cold in this headpiece.  Naturally water repellent, you’ll be dry also! Word of warning, if you have a beard, you may end up looking like a lumberjack from the early 1900s like I did. I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing?

Canadian all-rounder boot – Kodiak Magog Waterproof Insulated Boot

Kodiak Magog Waterproof Insulated Boot

Kodiak are the Canadian go-to when it comes to warm footwear. This all-purpose boot looks at home whether in casual or work mode. They have a sleek silhouette which is lower profile than many boots I’ve owned and this allows them to blend in nicely. With 200gm of Thinsulate insulation and a waterproof leather membrane, you’ll stay warm and dry no worries. The padded collar paired with a memory foam insole means you can expect all-day comfort. They did run a little narrow, so if you’re on the cusp of two sizes, I would size up.

I tested the rich Cocoa color and found it to match the rest of my winter wardrobe. These handled chopping wood, casual trail hikes, and long rambles with comfortable ease. Although it is worth noting that these were not designed for long-distance hikes. The price point is great, and if you’re looking for a good winter all-rounder in cold conditions, these could be the answer.

The Weekend Warrior

Whether hiking for the ‘gram, getting some much-needed fresh air on a winter walk, or just running day-to-day errands, these casual, active picks will keep you in good shape whatever the weather.

Quiver Killer – 686 Gore-Tex Paclite Jacket

686 Gore-Tex Paclite Jacket

If you’re looking to keep things spontaneous, this Gore-Tex shell is an exceptional addition to your quiver. In fact, it might even become your quiver. Firstly, the clue is in the name. It does indeed “pac-lite” into a small (included) stuff sack, so it can go anywhere with you. Packing aside, this is an excellent technical piece, masquerading as a stylish about-town jacket. It’s full of little touches that make you realize 686 were really trying to create a do-it-all jacket. Well, they’ve done it. Environmentally aware bluesign® approved Gore Tex® PACLITE® fabric, fully taped seams, a chest pocket/vent, YKK® AquaGuard zippers, merino wool-lined collar, and even a cross strap system that allows you to carry the jacket on your back when it gets too hot! I was incredibly impressed with this jacket.

686 Gore-Tex Paclite Jacket

The PACLITE® shell feels smooth to the touch but is quite obviously sturdy and waterproof. It is comfortable to wear throughout a range of activities. In fact, I think you would be hard-pressed to find an activity that this won’t perform well in. I found it great for hiking, daily chores, in the rain, the snow, and even on the brighter, warmer days. Paired with a good mid-layer (like the ones here!), I think you could comfortably use this jacket on the slopes. It comes in a vast array of colors to suit your palette, so wherever you find yourself using this, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you will be comfortable, dry, and you will look the part.

Pocket-Sized Warmth – Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Down Hoody

Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Down Hoody

The folks from the North are perhaps best known for their expedition grade parkas with oversized hoods and more pockets than you can shake a stick at. However, Canada Goose also makes a vast, and impressive, array of lighter-weight jackets. Some are more fashion-focused, while others are rooted in their background of expeditionary excitement. The Hybridge Lite Down Hoody is one of these pieces and boy is it impressive.

You can expect incredible comfort, warmth, performance, and style. I was surprised by how useful this was during my testing. On the exceptionally cold days, it was the perfect mid-layer. On the active days, it was great as my standalone jacket thanks to the DWR coating and lightweight construction. For casual strolls, it was the perfect piece with jeans and sneakers. I found myself using this in more situations than I had imagined. While it is a performance piece, it works incredibly well in day-to-day situations also.

Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Down Hoody

The 800 fill power Hutterite goose down, abrasion-resistant featherlight 10d nylon, and fleece side/arm panels make this excellently breathable and stretchy, while adding a touch more insulation. Not only that, it packs neatly into its own pocket, making it a great travel pillow and easy to throw into your backpack as an insurance piece. A word of warning, it is SLIM-fitting. You may need to go a size or two up, depending on how you like your fit.

Best Merino Hoodie – Stylish and Soft –Western Rise StrongCore Merino Hoodie Sweater

Another excellent item from our friends in Colorado, the StrongCore Merino hoodie is a serious upgrade from your standard cotton fare. This merino wool hoodie has been constructed with a four-way stretch knit that allows you to move with no restriction. It has all the aforementioned properties of merino wool, so you can wear this day in, day out. Packing great warmth for its weight, I’ve used it on its own, as a baselayer, and a mid-layer. This hoodie works for active moments on the trail or mountain but looks just as great with jeans and boots. As always with Western Rise, excellent performance, minimal branding, and classy style make this a must-have!

Swiss Army Knife – Unbound Merino Compact Travel Hoodie

This little gem packs a surprising amount of warmth and bundles up to a tiny size that means it’s worth having with you everywhere. I mentioned their sleek silhouettes earlier, and this travel hoodie is the epitome of that. The matte black hardware makes it blend in, and the 97% merino wool with a 3% dash of elastane makes it flexible enough to attack any activity. While this is in our winter kit, I can see myself using this year-round. They do fit slim, so size up if you prefer a roomier feel.

Everyday Comfort – Western Rise X Cotton Tee and Henley

I have a love/hate relationship with tees. Without fail every year I think I’ve found “the one”. Then I buy it in every conceivable color, only to be disappointed when after the first few washes they are disfigured or covered by pilling. Re-enter the team at Western Rise who have made what is genuinely my favorite t-shirt. I’ve been wearing the X Cotton Tee (60% Cotton, 35% Polyester, 5% Elastane) non-stop for the past ten weeks and it’s been just marvelous. They have the four-way stretch of your favorite exercise shirt, the odor resistance of a merino piece, and the style of a shirt usually adorned with some expensive logo. I cannot sing their praises enough. They are a shoo-in for every day, make traveling a lot more comfortable, and should be on your list if they aren’t already. If you want a long-sleeve version, they make a henley, too!

Western Rise X Cotton Henley

Everywhere Pants

If you’re looking for one pair of pants to take you from town to the mountain, and back again, you’ve come to the right place. The 686 Everywhere Merino Lined Pant is ingeniously designed and could (should!) go everywhere with you. Hidden pockets for passports, cash, and other goodies don’t take away from a smart, tapered silhouette. These pants are finished with a DWR stain-resistant finish, so you don’t have to worry about any spillages!

With the extra gusset, they are stretchy enough to take on any active adventure. The merino lining regulates your temperature, keeping you cooler as your heart rate rises but adding an extra layer of warmth for the more static moments. Not only that, they pack into their own pocket and have a UPF40 sun protection rating. These are outstanding pants that serve many purposes excellently. They will certainly be with me whenever I can travel more freely!

Relwen Stretch Windpant

Relwen Stretch Windpant

Relwen’s heritage-inspired style strikes again with these exceptional sweatpants. These aren’t your traditional pants though, even though they might look like it. Jersey-lined, but with a lightweight wind and water-resistant shell, adverse weather shouldn’t be an issue. I found these great for running, hiking, and even day-to-day, particularly as they are so light. They have an athletic fit, so be aware that they are on the skinnier side. Pre-washed in line with their heritage aesthetic, these pants were made for the colder months and are just waiting for you to take them out. They are comfort personified.

The Perfect Winter Baseball Cap – Melin A-Game Thermal

Melin A-Game Thermal

The folks at Melin are doing great things in the cap world, and the A-Game Thermal is no exception. A merino wool blend, mixed with their climate adapt technology (“as the body heats up, the fibers in the crown expand to allow your heat to escape”) makes this an excellent baseball cap that is perfect for the colder months. Not only is it warm with the merino blend, but there are also touches that show Melin are really serious about upping the baseball cap game. There is a hidden pocket in the hat that can hide a couple of bills, a suede-lined visor, and a Nappa leather closure to keep everything classy. This hat is very weather-resistant, and I found it a really welcome addition to my coat rack. I grab this on most days when I’m running around. 

Pocket-Sized Power – Prometheus PREON P1 MKIII Flashlight

Prometheus PREON P1 MKIII Flashlight

The nights have drawn in, and you need to see your front door lock! Or perhaps you’re on your evening walk and you don’t want to trip over your neighbor’s trashcan or ‘that’ root that sticks up on the corner. The Prometheus P1 MKIII is a nifty little flashlight that is a really useful addition to your EDC. It has six configurable settings, so you can make this work for your lifestyle. It has a max output of 100 lumens (minimum of 1), uses a Nichia 219C LED, and takes a single AAA battery. A simple pocket clip keeps it close whether in a pocket or attached to a bag. This is a really attractive, efficient, and useful tool that I’ve been glad to have with me on many occasions during my testing. Oh, and did I mention it’s IPX8 water-resistant?

Carbon Negative Sunglasses – Covalent Hancock

Covalent Hancock

These Californian designed, Italian made sunglasses have been a great revelation to me. They are supremely light (1.37oz!), with polarized lenses, and a comfortable AirCarbon® frame. What is AirCarbon® I hear you ask? Quite simply, these are the world’s first carbon negative sunglasses. The construction uses a resin/biomaterial mix that results in a 2.03kg carbon deficit! The packaging is 100% recycled too. These lightweight glasses are great to use on brighter days, and protect my eyes from the glare on snowy days. I found them comfortable on my broad face and they had great coverage, which is something that I really value in my sunglasses.

Take me anywhere – All-Weather Duck Boot

Huckberry All-Weather Duckboot

I’ve traditionally avoided duck boots. I feel as though they don’t particularly suit my style, even though the performance is clearly there judging by the feet of everyone on the east coast. However, Huckberry has reshaped the duck boot into a silhouette that works for me and then some. Not only have they changed the profile enough, but they’ve also added sneaker-like comfort, a grippy Vibram outsole, and a breathable membrane. Suddenly duck boots are back on the menu. These have performed exceptionally in mud, rain, and snow, no questions asked. They are easy to rinse down quickly for the next event. Huckberry says these have the “versatility and durability of a Range Rover”, and I’m inclined to agree. Consider me converted.

Lightweight Stylish Sneakers – Hoka Hupana Flow Wool

Hoka Hupana Flow Wool

These winter-ready sneakers are great all-rounders for the cooler months. They aren’t the sneakers you’re going to run a marathon in, but they are the sneakers you will wear for a few miles around town, to the store, or as daily drivers. Exceptionally comfortable and warm thanks to the meta-rocker base and woven knit wool, these are an excellent winter option. The elasticated speed laces (standard laces included too) also give you incredibly fast on/off capabilities, although I personally wouldn’t use the speed system for any vigorous exercise.

The Tardis – Peak Design Travel Duffel Backpack

Peak Design has become synonymous with innovation (they’ve won many awards with us!) and rightly so. Their more recent travel series is more stripped back than their everyday series, but no less impressive. This travel duffel has everything you could need for a winter hauler. Spacious, with multiple hidden carry options. It can swallow the burlier items you might find yourself needing in winter. While it holds a lot, it still has some useful pockets on both the inside and outside for critical EDC.

The best thing about this duffel though is its Goldilocks ability to change size. Starting at 45L, with just two quick zips, you can expand to a full 65L. This makes it an exceptionally useful piece of kit. If you’re fully packed at 65L, you might want to employ the hidden fold-out (padded!) waist belt for extra comfort and support! Multiple handles allow you to carry this in whatever orientation takes your fancy, and a weatherproof 100% recycled nylon outer keeps the goods dry and you are ready to rock.

Hemp anyone? Osprey Arcane Large Day Hemp

Osprey Arcane Large Day Hemp

Osprey are known for their expedition-ready packs, but they also make great daily carries. The Arcane Large Day Hemp is a beautiful pack with a hemp/recycled polyester outer that looks great in a salt and pepper colorway. The sustainable outer isn’t the only thing to enjoy on this bag though. It has a wonderful sleek profile that fits into any surroundings. The J Zip opening gives you access to the main compartment where you’ll find a padded laptop sleeve that can hold up to a 16″ laptop, and a selection of internal organization to keep your essentials close.

There are a few excellently placed pieces of mesh on this backpack, one for an ID card/credit card/metrocard on the strap, and a low-profile stretch mesh water bottle pocket on the side. This fit my 26oz bottle with no problems, although it did take a small amount of my internal space. A shallow quick-access pocket on the front of this 20L daypack rounds out a well-thought-out, slender daily driver.

Sartorial Style

Winter doesn’t have to be all about chores and staying warm. When the time is right…

Flint and Tinder All-American Stretch Denim Slim

Flint and Tinder All-American Stretch Denim Slim

Good jeans are a battle for many of us thick-thighed chaps, and often you get left in the middle ground where you look like you’re wearing jeans that aren’t yours. Thankfully, Flint and Tinder’s stretch denim is the perfect balance between slim and roomy that allows me to maintain an acceptable silhouette without looking like the jeans have been sprayed on. The stretch is welcome in winter when perhaps you have to be more nimble on your toes, and the dark colorway goes with everything else I own. Smart enough for dinner with your in-laws and hard-wearing enough for a few too many beers. They’re USA-made too, and great value for money.

Billy Reid Moleskin Jeans

Billy Reid Moleskin Jean

When it comes to pants, sometimes I feel like Moleskin is the secret sauce that everyone is looking for. They are seriously underrated in my estimation. When it comes to style and comfort, they are hard to beat. Down in Alabama, Billy Reid has created a great pair that could be your next favorites. This iteration is soft to the touch, stretchy, and windproof, all while looking great. Portuguese-made cotton, with a hint of stretch, these are very functional pants. I love the earth green color, and it’s complemented by the brass fittings. Billy Reid makes great clothing and they have a small catalog of excellent items. That is always a sign of a great brand in my eyes, and they’ve done it again here with these. 

Waxed Style – Flint and Tinder Flannel-Lined Waxed Hudson Jacket

Best Winter Clothes and Accessories for Men: Flint and Tinder Flannel-Lined Waxed Hudson Jacket

Sometimes you don’t need to be ultra-technical, or wrapped up in wool or down. Perhaps you just need to take the edge off and look good doing it? Well, the Waxed Hudson Jacket from Flint and Tinder is a beautiful choice. They have turned to some of the oldest textile experts in the UK and constructed the Hudson with an outer of Millerain canvas cotton, and a sumptuous flannel lining from Abraham Moon. It immediately feels luxurious in your hands. A selection of well-placed pockets mean your necessities are never too far away, whether that is a phone, gloves, a hat, sunglasses, or even your game! (Yes, a traditional game pocket!) The waxed canvas is pretty resilient when it comes to the rain and wind, and will keep you both stylish and cosy when the weather turns. A strong choice for the more fashion-focused gentleman.

Best Winter Clothes and Accessories for Men: Flint and Tinder Flannel-Lined Waxed Hudson Jacket

Italian Stallion – Billy Reid Camel Hair Gregory Coat

Best Winter Clothes and Accessories for Men: Billy Reid Camel Hair Gregory Coat

If you’re a stylish chap who wants to take it to the next level, you need a camel coat. This masterpiece from the style savant Billy Reid is the only logical choice. Rich double-faced camel hair twill, an elegant silhouette, and custom lining make this the luxury choice. This Italian-made wonder is heirloom-worthy, and is the perfect style-focused winter warmer. This can be worn like a blazer or topcoat directly over a shirt. However, if you want to use it as an overcoat, you should size up. This wool jacket keeps the wind away but the sartorial style close, as you go about your winter wonderland.

The perfect hybrid – Dubarry Mayfly Wax Vest

Best Winter Clothes and Accessories for Men: Dubarry Mayfly Wax Vest

Vests are often overlooked when you think of winter, but depending on where you are in the world, or the day’s weather forecast, I find them to be a great leveller. On the brighter days when you don’t need a heavy raincoat or the brisk winds don’t demand a parka, a good vest can give you a perfect halfway house. This beautiful waxed number from Dubarry was perfect for afternoon strolls, mornings of garden wrangling, and socially distanced beers. Water-repellent wax gives you some security when the clouds appear, and the PrimaLoft fill keeps the chill away. Luxury touches like the faux suede collar lining, two-way zip, and weathered brass snaps make this look good as well as feel good. Paired with a shirt and knit sweater, you’re dressed to impress!

Flint and Tinder Speckle Fleece Crewneck

This simple and stylish sweater is a crowd-pleaser. A mix of cotton, polyester, modal, and linen, it is wonderfully comfortable. However, this isn’t just for lounging around, feeling snug as you gorge on your latest box set. This is refined and goes well with a pair of jeans, good boots, and a shirt for the days when you need to impress. My favorite thing about this sweater? I think it’s a chameleon that you can wear all day to different events and not look out of place anywhere. No one will know you started on the sofa when you turn up to dinner in this.

Fjällräven High Coast Merino Sweater

Best Winter Clothes and Accessories for Men: Fjällräven High Coast Merino Sweater

There are days when you don’t want or need a heavyweight, and you want to keep it understated and classy. While the High Coast sweater is actually from Fjällräven’s hiking line, I found it a great everyday warrior. Thanks to the 100% merino wool, it is warm enough to keep a chill at bay, but light enough to go under a shirt or stop you overheating in the office. It is a classic style, with a small simple logo on the arm. While it is in our winter kit, I expect to use this year-round. A great layer, or transitional piece on its own.

Fjällräven Övik Knit Sweater

Best Winter Clothes and Accessories for Men: Fjällräven Övik Knit Sweater

We couldn’t have a winter kit without some great patterns. The Övik knit sweater is a beautifully styled Scandinavian winter warmer. The pattern is tasteful and draws attention without being an eyesore. A traditional jacquard knit from 100% traceable wool makes this a little heavier than some of our other options. It’s reinforced at the elbows, which is just as well because you won’t want to take it off.

The perfect winter flannels

Flannels. The staple of any winter wardrobe. The three that I tested here proved to be exactly what I wanted in a winter flannel: comforting, warm, and cozy. The Flint and Tinder American Made Flannel is straight from LA, and the double brushed 100% cotton gives you that soft-to-the-touch feeling. This is an instant classic.

Best Winter Clothes and Accessories for Men: Flint and Tinder American Made Flannel

The Filson Vintage Flannel Work Shirt is a bit burlier (8.5oz cotton twill) and has a looser, more traditional fit. It is just as comfortable, though, and slightly warmer than the other two. This is definitely a colder weather shirt. Rich colors make it a great piece that I received lots of comments on.

The Orvis Lodge Flannel is the lightest of the three, but perhaps the most comfortable! Its brushed construction makes it feel like cashmere against your skin and it pairs well with a sweater. With this being a slightly slimmer fit, I wouldn’t wear an undershirt, but rather throw a sweater or vest on top. All three of these shirts found a place in my wardrobe over the past ten weeks and actually became a useful trio. They all come with a great selection of patterns too, so you’ll be sure to find the plaid that fits.

Best Winter Clothes and Accessories for Men: Orvis Lodge Flannel

Elks do it best – Hestra Utsjö Glove 

Best Winter Clothes and Accessories for Men: Hestra Utsjö Glove

We couldn’t have a winter kit without good gloves. There are none better in the game than Hestra in my opinion: it’s all they make! The Utsjö is a stylish, luxurious formal Elk Leather glove that has a PrimaLoft Gold filling to keep your digits warm. Add in a soft brushed fleece lining and these are like sleeping bags for your hands. They come in a wide range of rich Scandinavian colors too, so you can be as bold or as subdued as you like. 

It is scarf season, and the two we tested cover the bases. If you’re looking for luxury versatility, the Canada Goose Two Colour Woven Scarf allows you to flip over the scarf to match your outfit. Oversized, and made from Italian wool, there is no chance of you getting cold with this wrapped around your neck. It’s also finished with a water-resistant treatment to add a little extra protection. If you are a pattern fiend, the Jacquard Scarf from the wool wizards at Pendleton is for you. 100% wool, with a selection of their signature southwest patterns, this is a statement piece. Lightweight, comfortable, and stylish, this is a unique scarf that will draw compliments aplenty. It too is a little oversized and allows you to wear it in a multitude of ways.

Pendleton Jacquard Scarf

The Ultimate Chelsea – Dubarry Antrim Gore-Tex Chelsea Boot

Best Winter Clothes and Accessories for Men: Dubarry Antrim Gore-Tex Chelsea Boot

I’m a big proponent of Chelsea boots, always have been, always will be. However, this is my first time trying a Gore-Tex pair. Conclusion? I’m in love all over again. Chelsea boots are great because they are so versatile, they fit in the office, the pub, the garden, and any other place you find yourself. Once you add a rugged shock-absorbing sole instead of traditional leather, a Gore-Tex lining instead of suede alone, and a DryFast treated rich leather exterior as Dubarry has here, you’re onto a winner.

Dubarry Antrim Gore-Tex Chelsea Boot

The old rum color is one of six that will suit any style. While trudging through fields in these I was stable, my feet stayed dry, and I could have strolled into the pub without anyone taking a second glance. Usually, in the winter, I gently back my Chelsea boots away because they don’t handle snow particularly well, and leather soles are notoriously slippy. No longer! Now I can step out in style, whatever the weather.

Work From Home Comfort

It’s a strange time to be alive, and many of us find ourselves working from home more than ever before. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about the draft from the office windows, or Jerry eating his lunch too loudly. At home, you can get comfy, play with the dog, and crack on.

prAna Ronnie Henley

prAna are purveyors of eco-friendly comfort. With the Ronnie Henley the same rules apply. An organic cotton and recycled polyester mix makes this double knit jersey a delight to wear. The mottled colorways add a “je ne sais quoi” to your outfits in the best way and keep you comfortable. Lightweight enough that you don’t overheat when layering, but hearty enough to be worn alone, the Ronnie is a great everyday piece.

Year-round lounging – prAna Outpost Pant

These sweats are exceptionally lightweight, comfortable, and versatile. They are made from a recycled polyester/spandex mix, but they feel like your old well-worn sweatpants. They are stretchy, have a rear zip pocket, and even have moisture-wicking properties. While they aren’t the warmest of the warm, for those of you who live in more moderate climates, or even those who just run hot, these are an excellent choice. The tapered cut and color choices are stylish to the point that they might even pass as chinos. If I was traveling as much as usual, thanks to their lightweight properties, these would come with me as a “do everything” sweatpant.

Your dad’s old sweatpants – Tracksmith Trackhouse

There is nothing quite like putting on your broken in, favorite, heavyweight sweats. Tracksmith has got you covered with these classics. Made from a cotton-polyester mix, these are perfect for post-run, post-hike, or just sheer comfort. Snug, warm, and timeless, the Trackhouse pants will last for years to come.

Super-comfy shirts with style

When you’re working from home, you want to stay within the comfort of your bed, but you actually have to get up and earn the paper! That’s when it’s time to turn to the overshirts. Smart enough to look acceptable on your video call, but snug enough to stave off creeping back to bed. The prAna Tri Thermal Threads Overshirt is a wonderful piece, constructed out of Polartec® Thermal Pro® fabric. It’s essentially an ultra-warm fleece, but without the weight, presented in an elegant shirt form. I like to size up in overshirts so that I can throw layers underneath and enjoy that good oversized warmth. prAna have hit a home run here; it’s stylish, warm, and eco-friendly.

Best Winter Clothes and Accessories for Men: prAna Tri Thermal Threads Overshirt

Looking for a straight-up blanket? You’re going to love the Outerknown Blanket Shirt. Made from 100% organic cotton with corozo buttons, the Blanket Shirt is the king of comfort. We shouldn’t be surprised when talking about Kelly Slater’s brand, but this shirt was made to enjoy the finer moments in life. Whether you’re slipping it on for your morning walk, after a big wave session, or even just on cozy work-from-home days, this overshirt wraps you up like your mother used to. It works great for travel too. Due to the heavyweight cotton, it can take some abuse and avoid wrinkles. One of my favorite shirts of all time.

Best Winter Clothes and Accessories for Men: Outerknown Blanket Shirt

Cozy feet all day long – Greys Slipper

These slippers are good workhorses. They perform well in every “at home” situation (excluding heavy-duty construction). Grabbing the mail, doing some gardening, running to the store, or even your indoor shoes of choice!  The wool blend is temperature regulating and odor resistant so you can use them again and again without worry. The leather pull tabs make entry and exit a breeze, and the rubber sole gives you enough traction to keep you steady inside or outside! I really like the “bootie” style that comes up to the ankle. It gives you more warmth, more comfort, and a little more protection for when you run to the mailbox in the snow.

Winter is here to stay, at least for a few months. With the items in this curated capsule, you’ll be ready for whatever it throws at you! Whether you’re hiking the summit you wanted to, building snow forts with your kids, or building Lego in front of the TV, do it in comfort and style!

Best Winter Clothes and Accessories for Men: Fjällräven Vidda Pro Wool Padded Jacket


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