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Our 15 Favorite Men’s Travel Pants in 2021

Best Men’s Travel Pants 2022

by , July 4, 2022

Men’s clothing has moved far beyond slacks, chinos, and jeans. There are now pants for every conceivable activity, occasion, or situation. However, not all pants are created equal! When traveling, particularly if you’re rolling with one bag only, you’ll need a pair you can rely on. The best travel pants let you assimilate to whatever occasions might find you on your travels; from delicious dinners to serious scrambles or laborious layovers, a good pair of travel pants will have it all covered. A thoughtful blend of comfort, travel-ready durability, and a dash of added functionality like stain resistance and pocket storage, round out a solid pair. We’ve picked out some of the best travel pants for trips when you need just one or two with you. Here are the Best Men’s Travel Pants 2022.

Outdoor/Urban Hybrid That Won’t Break the Bank – Mountain Hardwear Men’s Hardwear AP™ Pant

Carryology Credential: An understated design that looks stylish in the city but packs in comfort and versatility for active and outdoor use.

Price: $45 in the sale!

Mountain Hardwear Men’s Hardwear AP™ Pant

The Hardwear AP Pant is a versatile pant that’s happy to hike in the hills, explore urban streets, and stride between everyday and travel use with ease. It offers inbuilt stretch, UPF 50 protection, articulated knees, reflective detailing, and secure pockets for small essentials. If you’re after clean urban style with outdoor-ready performance, this pant is ready to roam.

Adventure-Ready and Affordable – Roark Layover 2.0 Travel Pant

Carryology Credential: Tough but comfy and ready for action across a multitude of adventures; plus you can score a great deal in the sale!

Price: From $48

Roark Layover 2.0 Travel Pant

Fully embracing adventure requires tough and comfortable gear. And adaptable styling doesn’t hurt either. The Layover 2.0 Travel Pant gives you all of this in a straight-leg design with two-way stretch and enhanced ventilation. And you’ve got secure pocketing to store your smaller travel necessities too.

Outdoor Performance With Urban Style – KÜHL Renegade Afire Chino Pant

Carryology Credential: Hiking performance meets city style, with plenty of pockets for your small travel essentials

Price: $89

KÜHL Renegade Afire Chino Pant

Hiking pants are great for the outdoors. But not so much when you need to spruce things up for a night on the town. And many urban-friendly pants lack the functionality to efficiently tackle active outdoor use. But the KÜHL Renegade Afire Chino Pant combines technical performance and city-ready style in one. It features a tough, quick-drying, water-resistant construction with two-way stretch. You also benefit from articulated knee darts and a gusseted crotch for enhanced freedom of movement. Seven pockets provide lots of storage options for smaller items, while the chino style makes it easy to step off the trail and into a restaurant without skipping a beat.

Best Year-Round Pants – Flint and Tinder 365 Pant

Carryology Credential: Cut like a jean, feels like a chino, stretches like a performance pant; the 365s are a perfect staple for any traveler.

Price: $98

Flint and Tinder 365 Pant

Work. Travel. Play. As the name suggests, these pants are designed to be worn year-round, whatever your day might have in store. So what’s the trick to their versatility? A savvy blend of style and comfort, combining a tailored chino look with the inbuilt stretch of a performance pant, so you can go anywhere and look darn good doing so. Sustainably made with a blend of cotton and spandex, the pant is also garment-dyed for comfy wear as soon as you put them on. And the 8oz fabric weight provides flexibility for wear across the seasons, making this a pant you really can reach for throughout the year.

Best Hard-Wearing Pant – Proof Rover Pant

Carryology Credential: Stretch canvas is the star of the show here. Breathable and stretchy, this pant breaks in wonderfully and looks like a pair of rustic denim jeans, but gives you all the benefits of modern design.

Price: $118

Proof Rover Pant

Ruggedly stylish and built to roam, Proof’s Rover Pant strides boldly into adventures near and far. The pants feature a tough canvas fabric with moisture-wicking Sorbtek, offering a great blend of durability and breathability for active wear. And since adventures may require you to leap and bound into action at any moment, the Rover Pant packs in flexible design features such as inbuilt stretch, a gusseted crotch for freedom of movement, and dart seams behind the knees for comfort. Plus with its eco-friendly pigment dye the Rover Pant will wear in like raw selvedge denim, creating a custom fade that complements your quest for adventure round every corner.

Best All-Rounder – Western Rise Evolution Pant 2.0

Carryology Credential: V2 of the award-winning crowd favorites. Stretch waistband, UV protection, and stain resistance make these some of the best pants you can have with you.

Price: $128

Western Rise Evolution Pant 2.0

One pant for everyday and travel wear, from urban settings to outdoor trails? Western Rise delivers an impressive all-rounder with their Evolution Pant 2.0. The pant features a new air-texturized nylon fabric with four-way stretch and better wrinkle resistance (because who wants to iron on their travels?). The fabric is highly durable yet soft, breathable, and lightweight. Additionally, the pant is also resistant to stains and water, so you can keep travel laundry to a minimum and dry off quickly after wet weather. Packable and multifunctional, this pant is all about doing more with less, so you can cut down on luggage bulk while confidently tackling a wide range of travel environments.

Work to Play – lululemon ABC Pant

Carryology Credential: Easy transition from formal to informal, with a range of fit styles to choose from

Price: $128

lululemon ABC Pant

lululemon’s ABC Pant is popular for a reason. Made from lululemon’s Warpstreme™ fabric, the pant is breathable, quick-drying, wrinkle-resistant and offers four-way stretch and an ergonomic crotch gusset for enhanced comfort and mobility. The sleek design moves easily between formal and informal environments, while a hidden zippered pocket keeps small valuables safe and secure.

Technical Performance With One-Bag Versatile Style – Western Rise AT Pant

Carryology Credential: Classic jeans style with lightweight durability and comfy stretch

Price: $128

Western Rise AT Slim Pant

The folks at Western Rise excel at making multifunctional clothing to help you do more with less. And the AT Pant is a fine choice for a pant that looks suitably stylish at work but has savvy performance features for weekend and travel adventures. It’s made with AT Cloth, a durable yet lightweight woven canvas that’s water repellent, bluesign® approved, and offers two-way stretch. Ready for work, active outdoor use, and traveling in versatile comfort, the AT Pant is a dependable one-bag travel pant.

Best for the heat – DUER Weightless Poplin AC Pant

Carryology Credential: Stretchy super-lightweight cotton, nylon, and spandex mix make these the perfect pants for dinner or a chilled evening strolling around town. Our “Best in Show” winner of 2022!

Price: $129

DUER Weightless Poplin AC Pant

Looking for the best travel pants for hot weather? DUER will help you beat the heat with their Weightless Poplin AC Pant. Weightless Poplin is DUER’s lightest fabric, offered in a tapering style that’s easy to dress up or down, making this a flexible pant for both work and leisure trips (or a mix of both). The pant’s hidden gusset and elastic waistband keep you comfortable while you’re on the go, while zippered back pockets securely store small EDC or travel items for peace of mind. Moisture-wicking and breathable, this pant will help you stay cool and collected whether you’ve got a day full of meetings or a night on the town.

Modern Urban Looks Meet Outdoor Functionality – Foehn Brise Pant 2.0

Carryology Credential: Sustainably made, with modern style for the city and active performance for the outdoors

Price: $130

Foehn Brise Pant 2.0

If you’re after men’s travel pants with modern style, sustainable construction, and technical performance all in one, Foehn has you covered. The Brise Pant 2.0 offers a well-considered blend of casual urban style and adventure-ready performance features. The pant features a tough, abrasion-resistant, and sustainably made Schoeller® fabric with inbuilt stretch and a DWR coating for protection against stains and the elements. The pant also has articulated knees, a gusseted crotch, and zippered ankle to keep you moving freely and comfortably.

Award-Winning Everyday Pant – Western Rise Diversion Pant

Carryology Credential: Excellent everyday pant combining durability, comfort, and style; ready to adapt to diverse environments while keeping you smart and flexible on the go

Price: $138

Western Rise Diversion Pant

The ultimate men’s travel pants? Well, you be the judge. But the Diversion Pant did scoop our Best Travel Clothing 2020 award for a reason. Several, actually. The pant is packed full of great travel features such as four-way stretch, breathability, water and stain resistance, and wrinkle resistance. It’s tough enough for active use, smart enough for urban or business travel, and an excellent all-rounder for everyday, weekend, and adventure use.

Smart Style With Subtle Performance Features – Rhone Commuter Pant

Carryology Credential: Boardroom-ready styling with flexible comfort for after-work activities

Price: $138

Rhone Commuter Pant

The Rhone Commuter Pant brings smart style to your work trips. But its four-way stretch and gusset let you move freely when it’s time to embrace active pursuits. Breathable, comfy, lightweight, and ready to hop nimbly between urban, outdoor, relaxed, and active use, it’s ready to conquer multiple travel environments. Plus with various options including regular, slim, and skinny styles, you can pick the one best suited to your personal tastes.

Technical Expertise With Elegant Style – OUTLIER Futuredarts

Carryology Credential: Technical fabric and construction, in a design that moves smoothly from meetings in the city to last-minute getaways

Price: $175

OUTLIER Futuredarts

OUTLIER’s Futuredarts pant is cut using long darts rather than side seams to allow for a tapered and free-moving silhouette. The pant features OUTLIER’s F.Cloth fabric that’s lightweight, quick-drying, breathable, and includes two-way stretch and a DWR finish. Easy to dress up or down, it’s a versatile work/play/travel pant for both everyday use and ventures further afield.

Weekend Comfort With Travel-Friendly Features – Relwen Air-Stretch Windpant

Carryology Credential: Laid-back, casual styling with a lightweight, breathable, and water-resistant build that brings welcome comfort to your travels

Price: $188

Relwen Airtex Windpant

If you’re looking for men’s travel pants with understated weekend-ready styling and travel-friendly features such as lightweight construction, breathability, wind and water resistance, and a versatile athletic cut, Relwen’s Air-Stretch Windpant should be on your radar. Comfortable and adaptable for a variety of travel situations, they’re a solid addition to your packing list.

Stronger But Lighter Than Denim – OUTLIER Bomb Dungarees

Carryology Credential: Love the toughness of denim but not the weight? These pants are stronger but lighter than denim, providing jeans style with technical performance

Price: $198

OUTLIER Bomb Dungarees

Like the look of jeans but want something that’s lighter yet tougher than denim? Meet the Bomb Dungarees, OUTLIER’s take on the 21st-century jean. The pant features Bombtwill, a fabric custom developed to offer excellent durability and structure while retaining a light weight. The fabric also includes a DWR coating for water and stain resistance, as well as subtle stretch, in a design that’s tough enough for travel yet comfy.

Best for Wet Climates – DUER All-Weather Denim

Carryology Credential: Wind and waterproof membrane keeps you warm and dry wherever you end up!

Price: $199

DUER All-Weather Denim

Jeans are great for their versatile styling, easily adapting to a wide variety of environments. But they traditionally stumble in the wet weather department (schlepping around in wet jeans puts a dampener on your travels real quick). So DUER thought, “How about waterproof jeans?” and went right ahead and made them. Their All-Weather Denim integrates a waterproof and windproof membrane that keeps water away from your skin. So you don’t need to whip out the technical hiking pants in the city. But they don’t stop there. A hidden gusset enhances your freedom of movement, while reflective cuff and waistband detailing help keep you visible in low light, making these great jeans for a quick hike or cycling too.

A One-Bag Icon That’s Stood the Test of Time – OUTLIER Slim Dungarees

Carryology Credential: Enduring functionality and versatility, with timeless style that can be dressed up or down

Price: $225

OUTLIER Slim Dungarees

OUTLIER says if you’re only going to have one pair of pants, this should be it. A bold statement perhaps, but they back it up with the Slim Dungarees’ excellent versatility, premium construction, and travel-ready features. It uses Workcloth Doubleweave Canvas offering water and stain resistance, two-way stretch, breathability, and quick-drying functionality. It’s tough yet comfy, and the design is understated enough to work in casual settings or to be dressed up for smarter environments. And with five pockets, you can keep those important travel items close at hand.


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