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Liking :: Superfolk

by , October 14, 2010

Superfolk | Liking

Who Are They: Led by Irish designer, Gearóid Muldowney, Superfolk is a design studio that was established in 2008. They currently work out of a studio in Dublin, Ireland and create an assortment of products, from gorgeous laptop bags to tables and jewelry.

Why We Like It: It would be a crime not to like what they do. But if you need some prodding, how about creating gorgeous looking products that blend hand crafted with industrial design. Products that are created with an aim of longevity and sustainability while working with their local community to progress the use of natural resources such as wool, wood and leather.

Who Else Might Like It: Anyone who has a fetish for good quality hand made stuff, can appreciate great yet simple design ideas.

Where They Are: Dublin, Ireland is where the Superfolk gang work from. We have found one place that seems to sell Superfolk – The Irish Design Shop. But can’t find much more than that, sorry. If you know of anywhere, please let us know!

I shouldn’t be writing much more than the above, but if you get a chance, please go and treat your eyes to a look at their site. Their products are amazing, and while I haven’t personally used any, I’m rather excited to try and track down ‘The Table’ or one of the smaller Aran laptop bags. Overall, I reckon this is my most liked ‘liking’ yet.  You?


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.