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Liking :: HÆRFEST

by , February 8, 2011

Liking :: HÆRFEST

HÆRFEST | Liking

Who are they: HÆRFEST is the result of brothers Tim and Dan Joo, working together to create both the products and lifestyle they have always envisioned. Starting with bags, their aim is to follow a reduced aesthetic, aiming for an understated and urban sensibility. “Familiar yet unexpected,” is always an underlying direction taken when designing. Using quality materials, balancing proportions, and attending to details, they are aiming to create modern basics that age well.

Why we like it: While they are working with some familiar shapes, it’s the ‘surprises’ with these bags that made them standout for us. For instance, take the A3 Shoulder Sack – it’s kind of a mix between a tote and a handbag, but it can pack flat. Or take a look at the strap configurations on the A1 and A2 for some new ideas on how a backpack can work.

Who else might like it: It’s not going to work for climbing the Eiger or riding across the Amazon, so instead pay attention if you’re one of the other 99.99% of people that live in a city, have a pretty easy trip to work, and are looking for a classic shape that stands out in the subtle play of details. They will fit in at work on for weekend play, which few bags do well.

Where they are: New York, NYC, USA. But if you’re keen to purchase one, best bet at the moment is to hit them up on their website – HÆRFEST


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