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3 Questions :: Archival Clothing

3 Questions :: Archival Clothing

by , February 11, 2014
I know when you think Carryology you think long, in-depth knowledge fests of awesomeness. Or at least I hope you do, but this is a different slant, a little something new. We’ve taken the minimalist approach with this precise, pocket-sized series and reached out to brands for super short, condensed pow-wows that are as simple as they sound – three questions, three answers. But it’s funny how much you can draw out in such a short sitting…dig the brevity! 
First on the hit list: Tom Bonamici from Archival Clothing

1. What’s your daily bag?

The Archival Roll Top backpack. It’s stripped down and easy to use, and holds an embarrassing amount of stuff. I bike around New York a lot, and like having the capacity to have extra layers, clean clothing, U-lock, flat kit, and all the other necessities. My buddies and I also like to bike out to Flushing to load up on Chinese groceries; it’s pretty fun to bike home with a giant bundle of greens poking out of the backpack (and ten pounds of rice as ballast)!

Archival Daily1

2. What’s your go-to travel bag?

I always carry a backpack since I like two straps for hauling my giant laptop around, so the Roll Top comes with me everywhere I go. But if it’s a longer trip, I add the black Duffel. It’s just bombproof and simple, good for a solid week’s worth of clothing, running shoes, and a couple of books. I haven’t added a roller bag to the arsenal yet, though I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

Archival Duffel

3. Can we see a pocket dump?

I’m hoping you’re asking for the contents of my pockets and not something really, really weird…

– Keychain. Japanese brass hook, and an ancient Buck bottle opener/mini-knife.

– Nanak’s Lip Smoothee – Lip balm that isn’t gross tasting or shiny. I first got it on a hiking trip through the southwest, and have been buying it by the case ever since.

– Mercator pocket knife. My current favorite in a big crew of pocket knives that rotate through daily use… Get these from Best Made or on eBay.

– Studio Gorm card case. I swap a lot of business cards, and John and Wonhee from Gorm make the slickest little card case around.

– Homemade wallet. I don’t keep much in my wallet, and never can get used to the thickness of a leather wallet, so I sew these up for myself every 4-5 years or so. Nothing special – just two card pockets and a cash pocket. For me, it’s perfect.

– Kerchief. Just as important as wallet and keys. I use it a thousand times a day. Even if you don’t use it for blowing your nose, you can use it to dry off your bike seat, cushion a half dozen eggs, grab a hot pot handle, filter cowboy coffee, etc etc etc. We just released an extra big linen/cotton blend hankie that’s ideal for all of the above.

Archival DailyPDump


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