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MAKR Flap Slim

Getting in a flap about your pocket carry? MAKR offers a simple and stylish solution with their Flap Slim wallet. Designed as a single pocket with a flap opening, this wallet is a handy hauler for coins, cards, cash and other small items you like having within easy reach. Built to last, the wallet is […]

SUPR Slim Wallet

Does a tingle of excitement pass through your body at the mention of a minimalist carry challenge? Perhaps a hint of a devilish gleam in your eyes at the thought of pared-down wallets taken to the extreme? Then you should spend some time hanging out with the Slim Wallet from Supr Good Co. At only […]

Maxx & Unicorn BiFold

The balancing act between form and function is tough, and most wallets fall to one side. The Maxx&Unicorn Bifold is not most wallets. This wallet successfully navigates the design tightrope with an intriguing stitch less form that brings that extra bit of personality to your pocket carry. Crafted by hand using a single piece of […]

Tailfeather Sparrow

There’s no gimmicks, no unnecessary add-ons…just a tidy and chic wallet that slides conveniently into a pocket while avoiding unattractive pocket bulge.

Abrasus Bi-Fold

While the idea of a slim but feature-rich wallet is appealing, bringing it to life is no easy task. abrAsus however have succeeded. The thoughtful design is immediately apparent with this wallet, which offers space for bills, cards and coins without appearing cluttered or bulky. There’s even a slot beneath the bills which provides a […]


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.