Another solid, high-quality, innovative product that I expect no less of from TAD Gear. The first time I wore it, I fell in love instantly. But the more I wore it, the more I noticed its underlying problems (listed below, some are subjective). I’ve used it as an urban everyday pack, but it’s overtly tactical look and slightly-too-large volume made me seek alternatives. Since then, I’ve been using it for my hikes and other outdoor activities.

I know the massive amount of PALS webbing is meant to make the pack versatile but too much of it just makes the pack complicated and chaotic. TAD has since released an updated version of the Fast Pack EDC which looks neater and refined without sacrificing too much of its versatility. Unfortunately, they took out some features that made me love this pack in the first place (e.g. waist belt, zippered hydration pocket).

I will be looking forward to a more covert, clean and simple version of this pack – a common ground between the previous generation and current generation. Looking at what the company has been releasing though, I think they are heading the right path.