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NOMATIC Backpack and Travel Pack


NOMATIC Backpack and Travel Pack: Video Review

by , March 28, 2018
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NOMATIC aims to create the most functional bags for life on the move, whether that’s the daily commute or traveling. And to conquer these different carry environments they offer two packs. The NOMATIC Backpack designed for EDC and the Travel Pack for roaming further afield. So do these backpacks deliver where it counts? Find out in this video review…

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  • Brad

    That graphic panel on the front is heinous.

  • aaricku

    They felt like a plank of wood on my back…are you sure they’re comfortable as you stated? They are very uncomfortable.. Not ergonomic backpack.
    Also, the zipper at the ends are not lockable??? Unless you have a cable lock..

  • Herbie Miller

    How thick are the shoulder straps? They don’t look like they have much padding.

  • Milovan Arnaut

    I use already 6 months Travel Pack and it is amazing. Every day I use it for the business and training stuff and is really crazy good. Very comfortable. One hint for the reviewer glass case is to be used to be placed inside of the big compartment on these 4 elastic pockets.

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