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Hilton Tent City x BaileyWorks

by , August 8, 2010

Hilton Tent City x BaileyWorks

Hilton Tent City x BaileyWorks

So this is almost like a mix of a couple of posts, but also a post that is unique to itself. Confused yet? I am.

We have spoken about Tent City and we have shown you the review the Reverend gave us on the BaileyWorks Super Pro. So while it’s pretty easy to become a jaded old cynic about branded co-ops getting released, this one between Hiltons and BW is pretty cool – it’s a BW SuperPro, in small, medium or large- each tricked out with some nifty one-off features.

The starting point was a bunch of old canvas tents that Hilton didn’t sell. Instead of ditching them, they waterproofed the canvas, designed in a bunch of additional pockets and features, and have produced a bag that still shows lots of the original tent character (grommets, webbing and leather corners included).

The end point has resulted in 26 bags being created. With the tents cut to an already pre existing pattern, it wasn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination to figure out how to cut the tents into something resembling a bag. So it’s a serious statement when we’re told that no two bags of the 26 are alike and that some pretty interesting one-off designs have made the cut (sorry).

A first for both companies, it should be cool to see where it takes them, now that they have broken thru the sometimes scarey and risky world of collaborations. Apprently BW already have two more in the works…


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.