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Liking :: f-stop 2015 Mountain Series

by , May 29, 2015

Being an adventure photographer sounds like one of the best jobs on the planet. Getting paid to see exotic locations and capture amazing shots…awesome. What’s not so great is the decidely unglamorous aspect of hauling all your camera gear to said locations, worrying about the elements damaging your expensive equipment and enduring hours of discomfort as you lug heavy gear up hills, across rivers, through ravines and wherever else the adventure may take you.

f-stop Sukha

Enter the 2015 Mountain Series from f-stop, a brand that knows all about creating solid carry for adventure photography. The updated series features three new packs, as well as an upgraded version of the Tilopa pack. Catering to different setups, the quest for that perfect shot just got a lot easier.

f-stop Ajna

The smallest is the Ajna pack, coming in at a volume of 40 liters and designed as an everyday mountain pack.

f-stop Ajna

The Tilopa has a 50-liter volume and is the all-rounder of the group, suitable for both day trips and longer trips over several days.

f-stop Tilopa

The 70-liter Sukha is an expedition pack, with numerous attachment points for expanding the carry load as required.


With a volume of 80 liters, the Shinn is f-stop’s biggest camera bag. The pack is aimed at photographers who need to carry the likes of super-telephoto lenses with attached bodies or rigged and rodded video equipment.

f-stop Shinn

The packs in the Mountain Series are built with weather and abrasion resistance in mind, featuring 420D ripstop nylon with a TPU laminate and Hypalon base.

f-stop Sukha

Angled MOLLE webbing on the waistbelts, expandable side pockets, a fine-tune suspension system, a sealed Velcro hydration tube port and tough YKK zips are just some of the additional features on offer. Aesthetics get in on the action too, with a choice of colorways including Anthracite (matte black), Nasturtium (orange), Aloe (green/tan) and Malibu Blue.


Shinn Camera Bag

The packs are available to preorder now and will ship in early July.

f-stop Shinn


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