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Carry Storage :: The Collector’s Dilemma

Carry Storage :: The Collector’s Dilemma

by , June 25, 2014

We’re all carry addicts here, and I’m sure we’ve all faced the same dilemma: how do I store or display my much-cherished collection so it looks awesome and takes up as little space as possible?

The handbag community have already locked it down, and have a slew of ideas for pint-sized bags, but we’re talking packs and messengers. And when you’re a blog that tests bags on the regular, this issue is exaggerated tenfold…we’ve currently got a large mound of waxed cotton and polyester teetering on the edge of a secluded shelf that is prone to collapse when certain people (mostly me) try and slip a pack from the bottom of the pile…so we’re looking for the best solution for you and us.

We hunted down some of the best and just OKish carry storage tools that are getting knocked around the Web. But this is in no way comprehensive; we’d love for our fellow Carryologists to chip in and share their own experiences and strategies…

What do you use to store or display?

The Qlipter

The so-called “One clip to rule them all”, the Qlipter is the first-ever clip with a rotating hook. At first glance, it looks like a funky carabiner, but there’s also an arm that unfolds and rotates into a hook that can hang anywhere and can rest on any surface thanks to a small round rubber nub that sits at the end of the arm. 

The Simple Rack

This is a totally classic way to hang. Most of us have probably got one of these alongside the entry corridor to our cribs. They’re great for everything: hats, coats, scarfs and carry. But as you can see, at average length, their maximum capacity peaks at around six.


APMG Coat Hooks

These coat hooks from APMG are as sturdy as they come. The hooks are manufactured from 5mm thick steel plate with a tough polyester coating and are fixed to a 16mm thick Trespa Athlon, which again is fixed to the wall. But it sorta reminds me of pre-school…

Bag Hanging05

The Tough Hook

You can do pull ups off of one of these – no seriously, it’s part of their advertising campaign. The Tough Hook is designed to carry heavy stuff – based on their website, I’d say bulletproof vests mainly – and they come in black and coyote. The awesome thing about this besides its burly nature is the flip handle, which gives you a hand grip, making it easier when carrying your hanger and its contents from A to B.

Tough Hook


This double-gated S-Biner is stronger than it looks. Made of lightweight, durable plastic, it’s strong enough to carry the weight of any pack that needs to be latched to a rack or anything else you can think of that’ll fit between its 1.5″ (38mm) gate opening.

Bag Hanging

The Gear Line

The Gear Line Organization System is the perfect thing for hanging out and a step up from the sturdy S-Biner. In fact, it features a whole string of them, each attached to a sturdy loop and thanks to the Gear Tie Reusable Twist Ties on each end you can hang your Gear Line to any hook or knob – wherever it’s most convenient. Go vertical when you want to maximize storage and save wall space. Hang horizontally to keep things easily accessible at eye level or quickly dry out gear.

Bag Hanging01

Tasca Storage Furniture 

Now this is getting a little bit fancy. This beautiful piece from designer Vitomarco Marinaccio is more fashion than function but it’s honeycombed structure veneered with real oak and treated with a special handworked finish is something that could serve as an ultra luxe display. Just sling your prettiest packs up, sit back and just stare at it for a while.

Bag Hanging03




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