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Carry Giveaway :: Submit Your Best Carry Tips and Hacks

Carry Giveaway :: Submit Your Best Carry Tips and Hacks

by , February 16, 2016

From EDC to travel packing, we know our awesome readers are a goldmine of great carry tips, tricks and advice. And we want to mine those handy hints to help others carry better. So we’re sending out a community call-out for our readers to submit their best carry tips and hacks. Plus if you drop some knowledge on us, you’ll be in the running to scoop a sweet little carry prize…

Bellroy Micro Sleeve

The Details

We’re after the little gems of hard-earned carry wisdom that help solve those untimely carry complexities which hang us up when transitioning from one place to the next – be it moving through everyday, travel, or the outdoors.

We’ve all experienced them, and always at the worst moments – a misplaced ID or card, overstuffed or sodden bag, jumbled up ticket and passport, or stolen wallet.

For example, here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

– A travel tip may be to carry a decoy wallet when touring around a foreign city; it’ll help dupe those light-fingered muggers and pickpockets trying to dupe you.

– A carry tip would be to flip your credit cards in your wallet. The raised lettering on the bottom of the credit card gives you some traction when pulling out the card.

What problems do you encounter when on the move? How do you solve them? How do these solutions help free you up to move forward with more clarity and less chaos?

How to Submit

We’d love to see your tips and hacks submitted in the comments section below. But we also know it can be a little daunting putting your ideas out there, so if you’re feeling a little shy but still want to share, email your tips and hacks to info@carryology.com with ‘Carry Tips’ in the subject line.

Bellroy Micro Sleeve

The Prize

People lead busy lives, and we get that. So to show how much we appreciate you taking the time to drop us some nuggets of carry gold, we’re dishing up a little treasure of our own. Up for grabs are three Bellroy Micro Sleeves that will be given to the individuals who submit the best tips and hacks.

The closing date for submissions (both by commenting and email) is Monday 22nd February.

Now go!

Bellroy Micro Sleeve


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.