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Reader Q&A ~ MacBook Air carry bag

by , September 25, 2012
Reader Q&A ~ MacBook Air carry bag
Whenever you get a new computer you obviously want it to be well-protected. When you’re a professional woman who needs to carry her computer plus a few extras, a standard laptop bag isn’t going to cut it. One of our readers found herself in this situation and turned to us for a bit of carry advice…

The Question

Hi guys,

I just bought a MacBook Air (with Windows in parallel because I’m still old school)… and need advice about bag products…

I want to be able to carry the MacBook around with me all day at an upcoming tradeshow – but I’ll also need to carry a couple of industrial products and makeup bag (doesn’t everyone!). And then there’s the accessories (USB superdrive and chargers and powercord)…

But I want it to look small and be sophisticated…

Is this an impossible ask?

Is there a bag on the market that is business-sympathetic with a shoulder strap that will fit the laptop but also have a big open space for bulky items – that isn’t bulky itself?

I looked on Carryology – but couldn’t find any advice about laptops…?



Our Response

Reader Q&A ~ MacBook Air carry bag
Some quick thoughts:
If you get a felt sleeve for your MacBook (there are many options to choose from) you can slip it into any nice tote or shoulder bag without needing specialist padding or compartments.
For small shoulder bags we generally don’t like them being too square or structured, as they end up looking like a block banging against you.
Some fabric folds help tie a bag into your outfit better, with a softer silhouette helping it to visually integrate into your own outline.
More natural-looking fabrics will match more of your outfits, so we’d shy away from any ballistic nylon or basic polyester.
Some options to check out:
Tailfeather make something that is simple, but with a sleeve for your MacBook it would work. Consider the Hawkowl with the longer strap option:
Reader Q&A ~ MacBook Air carry bag
78% are relatively new out of Hong Kong, but have a great act and are nicely unisex:
Reader Q&A ~ MacBook Air carry bag
Hard Graft is pretty heavy on the leather, but can extend or fold over, which makes for a versatile bag:
Reader Q&A ~ MacBook Air carry bag
Côte&Ciel add a softer vibe to the small messenger, with folds that break up the form really well:
Reader Q&A ~ MacBook Air carry bag
Teddyfish are lovely and quirky, but a bit harder to track down. There are various size and vibe options to choose from:
Reader Q&A ~ MacBook Air carry bag
No doubt fellow readers have some bags in mind that would do the job so let us know in the comments if you have suggestions that would meet Jo’s needs…


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