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Carry Awards

The Carry Awards – Best Active Backpack

by , January 8, 2013

Best Active Backpack – Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault Pack

“The 3Zip format is awesomely functional, with the 3 DAP housing it in tech and tricks”

Wow, this was a close race between the TAD and the Mystery Ranch. While both received a tonne of votes, and both have incredibly loyal fans (who trust their lives to these packs), it was the next level of innovation that won the gong for the 3 DAP.

The 3Zip opening is just awesome to use – from laying the bag out for packing, to accessing any area quickly on the go, we want to see this format in more categories. And being a Mystery Ranch, the fabric and the way it’s patterned gives you the next level in durability.

This is not a light pack, as it comes with some serious load hauling ability. But the Futura harness system can be adjusted to your height for excellent comfort (and capacity) no matter how much you carry.

For those of you who are not risking life and limb running through a desert somewhere, you can now set in a Spadelock laptop sleeve and rock the pack for travel or other active adventures. Kudos to the 3DAP, as our Active Backpack winner for 2012.

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  • http://www.carryology.com/ ando

    Worth noting for anyone considering this pack for less extreme use, Camelbak have a similar style that was developed with the help and concepts of Mystery Ranch. The Camelbak Tri-Zip (http://shop.camelbak.com/trizip/d/50134_c_3350_cl_2754) is similar to the 3DAP, but with side pockets and a touch less ‘muscle’. It makes for a great general purpose travel and active pack.

    • Tal

      So you think the camelbak tri zip is good as the Mystery Ranch? Or the Mystery Ranch worth the extra money? Thanks

  • rfb

    Yeah, the Camelbak Trizip, according to reviews is a very good backpack. I own a Linchpin which also comes from the MR-Camelbak Cooperation and it’s great.

    The Trizip with >40L is just a tad big as an EDC bag I think, which is a shame. The 3DAP becomes ridiculously expensive once you add taxes and shipping to continental Europe :/

  • Sam

    Even though the 3DAP might be considered big for an EDC, it cinches down like few packs. In fact, my bag replaced two packs, a 26L and a 40L, and can be easily be used instead of either without feeling small or bulky.

    My favorite pack ever!

  • http://www.loadedpocketz.com Blaine Ballard

    The 40L Tri-zip against the Bantamweight Lite speed hardly seems fair. You should have let the TAD pack pick on something it’s own size. 😉

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  • Jason Dellinger

    The 3-Day Assault Pack from MR is NOT an “EDC” bag. It’s heavy (for good reason), a little too big, and it’s not designed to go “one shoulder” for casual carry. It’s pretty much a full-on mountain pack. In the office, it sticks out like a military APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) valet parked with a bunch of Audi’s and BMW’s.

    But for some reason, I’ve carried it every day to work since hunting season was over and I don’t have any desire to go back to my old bag. I make good use of the extra room when shedding winter layers, it carries better than ANYTHING else when it gets a little heavy (the stowable waist belt is a real, load-bearing waist belt, not a simple web strap), and the organization and compression is spot-on. Plus, it’s made-in-the-USA, just like Me.

    On second thought, maybe driving an APC everyday DOES have its advantages.

    Kudos to those who voted and to Carryology for hosting such an excellent resource on all things carry.

  • Jon B

    I just received mine yesterday and my initial impression is very good. As mentioned by other posters, it is slightly large to be used as a typical EDC pack. I got it in black since it blends a bit more for urban carry. You can tell from the construction that it most likely will outlive it’s owner. The PALS webbing on the inside is an excellent place to stap a molle compatible holster. The pack compresses down like a pro and like Jason said, it’s a bit uncomfortable for 1 shoulder carry (The unused strap is slightly too rigid and will keep pressing into your back.) If you’re not going to use this in a non-permissive environment (Down range or in the mountains) you might be better off going with the MR Sweet Pea or the Street FIghter as they’re a bit more discreet and smaller for EDC.

    • Jason Dellinger


      A suggestion on the holster route if you want something a little more convenient is to buy the MR Spadelock Velcro Insert. This basically covers the entire back panel with Loop Velcro so that you can use hook Velcro accessories like holsters, mag pouches, etc. and it’s more convenient to switch out if you need to instead of dealing with the MOLLE. It also adds a rigid full-length stay to the bag which increases the overall stability. The insert also comes with a couple of hook velcro clear pouches intended for med supplies, but I don’t use those.

      I use this insert with a velcro holster and it allows me to carry the pistol at the top of the bag for easy accesss. If I’m not carrying a pistol in the bag, I can remove the holster quickly and replace with other pouches or nothing at all. Just a suggestion, hope you enjoy the pack.

      • jon B

        Awesome, thanks for the suggestions Jason. Love this pack.

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