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Carry Awards

The Carry Award – Hall of Fame

by , January 11, 2013

Hall of Fame – PAC Designs Pro Series Messenger

“PAC Designs have influenced almost every messenger created since”

We essentially saw this year’s Hall of Fame as a weigh-up between ubiquity and influence. For instance, the IKEA Big Blue has helped shoulder millions of loads, but its influence hasn’t pushed beyond its own success. Meanwhile, the PAC messenger has remained a relatively cult bag, but that little stabilising strap so widely copied has helped create an entirely new category of bags, bringing stability to shoulder bags that never previously had it.

When you add this influence to all the other innovations from Pat McGibbon’s humble brand , you start to see PAC Designs a little like the Xerox PARC of the carry world. Professional messengers still run with her Pro Series Messengers as their daily workhorse, and almost every other messenger brand continues to benefit from the ideas these bags shared.

We salute you Pat, for a very worthy entry into the Carry Awards Hall of Fame.


  • Charles

    Nice, how did the others do? I’m curious to know where the one I voted for fell among them.

  • http://www.fromhighabove.com/ John Canfield

    A well deserved place in the history books. Nice work!

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  • Sarah

    HEY! I live on Manitoulin Island and love to check out what’s new in Pat’s basement. Pat’s so pumped about the new design she’s cooking up for backpacs. Also, potentially moving operations to a more co-op type sewing facility. I can tell you: these bags are 100% Canadian made, sewn by human beings on sewing machines (almost always by Pat herself). What PAC is really looking for is a partner…someone with business savvy to take this ‘humble’ , ‘cult’ business to the next level, while maintaining the bag quality and social-awareness aspects of PAC.

    • http://www.carryology.com/ ando

      Thanks for that Sarah.

      You should reach out to Pat and tell her to get in touch. We’d love to ask her some questions about it all and spread the word!


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.