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Week In Review ~ 9 March

by , March 9, 2013

We like to mix things up a bit at Carryology and this Week In Review is no exception. From a piece of EDC that would form part of Q’s personal collection to protection for watches on the move, we’ve got a little something for the style seeker, song maestro and spy…

Smart style

If you’re a fan of Tom Bihn’s Smart Alec backpack (or alternatively simply on the lookout for a sleek and stylish pack), the updated version may be just the thing to catch your fancy. One of the perks of this bag is its ability to accommodate optional modular pockets, which comes in handy when you need to boost volume for a large load or slim down for some casual carrying. You can check out a comparison of the older and updated versions here.

Party pack

If you’re a DJ then your music gear is probably treated with greater respect than anything else you own. You could probably teach scorned women a thing or two about wrath with just a single scratch marring your gear. So when it comes to hauling your equipment around, you want a bag that will suit your DJ carry needs. Lexdray have teamed up with Red Bull and Streetvirus to create the DJ Backpack (which will be awarded to finalists in Red Bull’s Thre3Style DJ competition). The pack has had design input from DJs and features a wide range of storage spaces for the likes of a laptop, headphones, a hard drive, cables, CDs, batteries and more. Though this pack may be music to your ears, the price probably won’t be ($405), but the chances are you wouldn’t want to put your gear anywhere near a cheap and flimsy pack option…

Timeless elegance

If you have a watch for every occasion (or don’t know what to get the person who does), the Worn & Wound Watch Roll is a nifty bit of carry that holds up to four watches. Constructed out of leather and 10.10 oz army duck canvas, the roll has an ultrasuede lining and a wooden toggle and leather cord closure system.

Cutting edge escape EDC

Not your typical EDC carry but likely the next thing to go on your wish list because it’s just that awesome is the Titanium Escape Ring. So what sets this ring apart from your average titanium rings? The fact that it conceals a saw and a handcuff shim. The saw takes care of duct tape, rope, zip ties and the like while the shim opens single-locked handcuffs. Besides the cool factor, this ring offers practicality, being just the kind of thing you may want to travel with if you’re heading into potentially dangerous places. All in all, Bond and MacGyver would be proud.

Head to Head with Mission Workshop and Chrome

On first appearance the Mission Workshop Rummy and Chrome Lieutenant may look quite similar…but are they? Do they perform as well as each other or does one surpass the other? Only one way to find out…a Head to Head. We put these bags through their paces, comparing categories such as style, user comfort, space, ease of access and hardware. Find out who came out on top here.

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