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Week in Review

A week (or three) in carry :: 26th March

by , March 26, 2012

Carry fun from the carry world

With all the carry stuff that pings around our Twitter and Facebook, we like to share a little of it through the blog. Here’s some fun stuff from the last few weeks…


Bergans Original 57106

Prasanthisridhar has been using an 80 year old backpack as her daily carry, and she’s taken lots of pic’s of it in action. Check the blog for more. Awesome to see an original still getting proper action.

Carry Hacks

Spotted this in a carpark as a car full of boys going on surfari. Had to love the wheelie bin as roof carrier system!

Porter playing with JW Anderson

Porter play with lots of crew. This JW Anderson pack looked spot on for current Japanese vibes.

Fujifilm and Globe-Trotter

Globe-Trotter make expensive and rad old school suitcases. Fujifilm thought it would be cool to do a special for a special. It’s special…

Puma Hoodie backpack

Puma’s Urban Mobility stuff occasionally throws up some really interesting stuff. While not really something you’d buy, this was a fun statement piece.

Tiffin Lunch Kit by Lorea Sinclaire

Delightful. Enough said.

Wood and Faulk

Still on the lunch box theme, the Portland craftsfolk behind W&F had a play with a trick lunch carrier. We like.

iErnest Camera Strap

Mixing a heritage vibe with modern functionality, the iErnest really caught us. If anyone has tried one, give us a shout!

Facebook class

Yep, more likes on this than almost anything else we’ve posted. Haha, I want one!

Hope it’s been a good few weeks for you…


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.