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Road Tests

Road Tests :: 5.11 Tactical RUSH 24 Backpack

by , November 25, 2011

We’ve been amping to get our hands on a 5.11 Tactical for a while now, just look at the image above – what’s not to drool over. The bag looks made for abuse! Fortunately one of our contributors, Taylor Welden, had the opportunity to test one out for a while. Here’s the results of a couple of months of flogging it.

5.11 Tactical‘s handsome RUSH 24 backpack ($139) is easily my number one go-to everyday carry (EDC) backpack.  And here’s why.  The compartmentalization is perfect for me, my EDC gear, my activities, and my brain.  Most people don’t think  about their brains (pun intended) when they’re buying a backpack.  But I do.  Then again, I’m a bit of a fanatic about backpacks.

Think of your backpack like your computer’s hard drive.  You have the drive, then the folders, and then subfolders within each of the primary folders, finally down to the individual files.  Everyone creates their own unique system that works best for their lifestyle, their thinking patterns, their brains.  Simply put, how they organize things.  When you’re wearing a backpack on your back, either consciously, or subconsciously, you’ve mapped the locations of every item you’ve put in it.  Ideally, you should be able to take off your backpack and grab whatever you need out of it with a blindfold on, knowing exactly which area and which pocket each item is located.  With the RUSH 24, I absolutely can and do just that.  If I need to find my keys in zero light situations, no problem.

The organization of this pack just makes sense to me.  There are an ample amount of pockets, and each one seems to fit my everyday carry gear perfectly, like a glove. It seems to find this balance between a lot of pockets, but not too many.  Often military packs can just be overloaded with pockets, which adds weight, cost, complexity, and more.  In this case, each pocket and compartment is laid out in a way that is logical.

My favorite two pockets on the 5.11 Tactical RUSH 24 backpack are the top two smaller pockets, dubbed “book end pockets”.  We all end up with unexpected items throughout our day, all about the size of your palm.  We have either just used this item, or just acquired it, etc.  There are so many examples, they’re endless.  For me, at several different points during one day I found myself looking for a Bic lighter, moustache wax, a slip piece of paper someone gave me that provides me a free drink at a local bar, small digital camera which needs to be accessible for a quick photo, spare change, and more.  These front two pockets are perfect for these items, they’re like bigger and better front jeans pockets, without the bulge.

Then inside those two pockets, additional pockets.  So your digital camera will have a snug little spot behind the internal drop pocket (not to mention that little zone is micro fleece lined), and you can put in a fist full off pecans into the zippered mesh pouch on the back of the flap-side of the pocket, so even loose items have their own little zippered spot.  Easily my favorite features on the pack, at least organizationally speaking.

Also, not to be forgotten, the upper top zipper pocket, which is located just behind the nylon webbing top grab handle.  Why, for what?  I wear glasses.  I took out the RUSH 24 to Austin City Limits 2011 for some testing and abuse.  If you’ve ever been to ACL or a music festival like this one, in 110+ degree heat, with nearly 75,000 people there each day… the event stresses your body, your mind, and your gear.  Here in Austin, the sun is the enemy, so we all wear sunglasses as a necessity.  I keep mine in a semi-soft case, switching out for my normal seeing glasses when it gets dark.  I’ve spent years of tossing cases at the bottom of packs, ending up with broken glasses that cost way too much to replace 2 or 3 times a year.  This upper pocket is fits my glasses (and their case if you prefer like I do) just snugly enough to know they’re safe.  Oh, and it’s also micro fleece lined.  Perfect.

Durability wise, the RUSH 24 is an Abrams tank on steroids.  But still relatively lightweight and fits your body comfortably.  Utilizing YKK #10 and YKK #6 zippers (if I’m not mistaken), means no broken zippers at that perfect time when you really don’t need a broken zipper.  All that tough fabric between each zipper, that’s military-spec 1050D ballistic Cordura nylon with water-repellent PUx2 coating, which the best stuff on the market.  I’ve written about my love for Cordura before, and I’ll probably do it again, I’m not ashamed of it.  5.11’s color offerings for the RUSH 24 are also appealing, with Sandstone, TAC OD, and Flat Dark Earth.  There is no scientific evidence to support this theory, but I also firmly believe the black color is much tougher.  You decide.  Buy two packs in different colors, make the two colors fight, or be friends, however you want to do it.  Send us an email to let us know what happens when the dust settles.

Some minor highlights that don’t really need to take up an entire paragraph themselves…

*The use of Hyaplon fabric patches (the same stuff the NAVY SEALS inflatable boats are made from) on the backpanel.  That stuff is tougher than Rhino skin, and pricey.
*The top grab handle is simply made from military grab nylon webbing.  Simple, constructed very well.  Can’t ask for more than that.  The handle also has built in Velcro lift-up panels on both sides (for rightys and leftys) to pull your hydration tube out of.  Very trick.
*The minimal branding on the pack.  I’ve been known to (and I’m sure there are many other readers out there who do the same thing), remove labels and tags from things I own.  Especially when they’re just over the top.  Not here.
*The access panel to the rear hydration bladder / laptop compartment.  Either or.  You won’t be using both at the same time.  Hiking = water bladder.  Going to a coffee shop = laptop.  It is it’s own zippered compartment under the shoulder straps, and opens up nice and big.  This way you can refill your water bladder, or pull out your laptop, without having to empty out the entire contents of the main compartment first.
*Shoulder pads and backpanels are nice and cushioned, as expected.  3 days, 7 hours a day, plus 6 two-mile bike rides… filled with gear, my back and shoulders were fine.  If that doesn’t say something about comfort, I don’t know what will.

Also, let’s talk price.  $139 for this backpack is a steal.  For these expensive fabrics, durable hardware, countless hours of design and testing, and overall superior quality construction completed in China, that $139 is an extremely high value. Comparable packs, with the same features (potentially less actually) and relatively same construction, can easily double the cost of this pack.  Go on, do some research, I’ll wait here while you check.  Seriously, go ahead…

See?  $200, $250, even $300-$400.  Not that they may not be worth that cost, but the RUSH 24 delivers, despite the affordable cost.  The bottom line is, don’t think that because it’s priced less, that it is missing something.  It isn’t.  In fact, in same cases, it may be the other way around.

And if you’re brain is heading towards the current trend of thinking >  “not made in the USA, tsk, tsk”.  As a full-time softgoods Industrial Designer with plenty of experience working with Chinese and US manufacturers, let me dis-spell this idea of poor craftsmanship coming from the Far East. Yeah, that’s right, I don’t stray away from these delicate topics.  China is a super power of quality well-made bags and packs.  Sure, some factories crank out $10 WalMart backpacks that are full of cheap polyester and PVC, but some of the factories focus on serious technical construction.  For this example, the latter is true.  I’m not saying I don’t love my “made in USA” products, but “made in China” is right up there and should not be discredited.

Is the RUSH 24 (2,000 cu in) right for you?  I’d say it is just right for me and my EDC needs.  Do you need a little bit bigger pack?  Or is the RUSH 24 a bit too big?  Check out the rest of 5.11 Tactical’s MOLLE backpacks.  They carry a RUSH 12 version which can handle 1,296 cu in of stuff.  Perfect for a small EDC daypack.  They also have a titan of a technical backpack, aptly named the RUSH 72, designed as a Bug Out Bag for extended trips, whether its 3 days trekking/camping in the woods, or 7+ days overseas.  The RUSH 72 can swallow up a mammoth 2,639 cu in of your gear.  Pick the right size for you.  For me, like I said to open this up, the RUSH 24 size is perfect for me, my EDC gear, my activities, and my brain.  Think about it.

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  • http://Www.bebe.no Børre

    This was my first article that I red on this blog – i love this blog – i love bags and backpacks!


    • http://www.taylorwelden.com taylorwelden

      Thanks Børre!

      Glad to have you man. We’d love to hear your comments when you have them, and to have you enjoy the many new posts we have coming. Not to mention, there’s plenty of great material that has been posted if you want to keep reading.

      We also love bags and backpacks… its a bit of an addiction.

  • Jason

    I have so many bags inc the Rush 24 that and the Rush12 are the best things out there mines been to hell
    And back over the years as is like new,never an issue.

    Of all my bags the Rush12 i always come back to there is nothing as good regradless of price

    • http://www.taylorwelden.com taylorwelden

      Hey Jason,

      I’d love to try out the RUSH 12 and RUSH 72. I can’t stop thinking about The Story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears when I think of the RUSH backpack family. “This one is too big, this one is too small, this one is juuuuust right.”

      I could see myself using the RUSH 12 even more, on smaller trips around town, to client meetings, etc. The RUSH 72 would definitely be for multi-day trips via flight or camping.

  • Doug

    Nice to see Carry cover the 5.11 Rush backpack. This site certainly feeds my fetish for quality backpacks and messengers (tip of the hat for your Timbuk2 reviews). I’m not in the military or police force, but believe me these 5.11 bags are tough and dependable. This review is spot on for perfect pocket placement making for easy access and great weight distribution. I have the Rush 24 for big day or weekend jobs and the Rush 12 for that quick EDC need. I love the yoke shoulder harness which makes subway jostling or bike blazing so comfortable. (I really hate bags that hang off your back like dead weight). So satisfied with them I recently got the 5.11 Rolling Duffle which survived admirably the savage beatings of airline baggage handlers.

  • http://benogrady.com Ben

    I’ve got a Rush 24 and I’m a HUGE fan of it. Super durable, roomy, and comfortable, I use it daily to pack all of my CrossFit gear in (shoes, workout log, jump ropes, food, etc) and also for weekend trips. Also fits great when I’m on the bike.

    • http://www.taylorwelden.com taylorwelden

      Same here Ben, love it.

      In fact, today, days after I posted the review, after a couple months of using the RUSH 24, I JUST discovered the two secret vertical zippered compartments on the left and right sides of the backpack. Very trick. They were hiding from me this whole time. This just adds another + to the RUSH 24’s pocketing and organization.

  • http://www.kcmachine.com Colin

    Great review! I’ve had a Responder 24 (red version of the Rush) for a bit more than a year now and absolutely love it. I use it every day. I thought you’d like a little post I made about my snowboarding trip to Mammoth, check it out: http://kcmachine.com/post/10830872268/packing-efficiency

  • AlexE

    So in your opinion is this a better value bag than the GR1 or the Litespeed?

    Rather than looking for a massively technical bag I’m looking for a carryon travel bag that will carry a little medical equipment that cannot be checked (a roughly 2l cube and a 1l bag) basic travel essentials for an 18month old (some nappies, food, entertainment, drink, change of clothes) and some weather gear for us both (fleece, hats, gloves) and an iPad . Given the ski Gera we’ve got to transport, we will also be checking in some luggage on our next trip so this is not a “one bag” solution at the moment.

    I’d also like to be able to use the bag as my basic walking (day walks in the Lame District) bag and public transport shopper.

    I’m 6’2″ and have both a broad chest and a long back.

    I’m looking to replace a vaude 24+4l hiking day sack that got a little trashed.

    If you have any unusual bags to recommend I’d love to hear of them. I use a leather Saddleback rucksack for my daily commute but given its weight and small capacity, while looking great for client visits, it is a rubbish travel bag.

    • http://www.kcmachine.com Colin


      You can’t really go wrong with 5.11 or GORUCK, as they both produce solid products (I have no opinion on Litespeed, as I’ve not used their bags).

      I personally have a 5.11 Responder 24 (same bag as Rush), and a GORUCK ECHO.

      As far as your question about what bag is a better value, it’s a bit difficult to answer, because it’s kind of a personal opinion. The GR1 is $115 more expensive, but is also made in the US (that matters to some people). Both companies use excellent materials, although I’d say my GORUCK bag has a bit thicker fabric. The GORUCK takes the edge on overall quality, but it only wins by a small margin. The Rush 24 has A LOT of pockets, while the GORUCKs are a bit more minimal on their pockets, but with inner Molle strapping for modular storage options, which I personally think is quite cool. I do however really like the front pocket on the Rush 24, it has pen holders and little pockets for little stuffs; quite useful for an everyday bag.

      I think what it’ll come down to is price and which bag looks better to you. The GR1, while military grade, is more subtle and pedestrian, while the Rush 24 is more military inspired.

      Really though, as I said before, you really can’t go wrong with either of those bags.

      • AlexE

        Hi Colin,

        Thanks for the reply. I’ve gone for the Rush 24 as while I like the minimalist look of the Goruck bags (I’m a hiker, traveler and dad, not a survivalist), the handy pockets of the Rush and the massively lower real price in the UK (£95 vs £180 + shipping + tax) made this the sensible choice.

        I’m not really fussed about made in the USA as looking at cars or other goods like electronics, comparing things of a similar price I’d see things made in Europe or the Far East as being of higher quality than those made in the US.

        Thanks again for the advice.


        • AlexE

          The Rush 24 turned out to be an excellent bag for my recent skiing trip.

          + Box shape allowed for easy stowage of some medical equipment.
          + Flat bottom meant the bag stood up on its own so no shoulder straps covered in slush.
          + Comfortable and secure carry even when fully loaded.
          + Lots of pockets meant travel documents easily separated from snacks, spare nappies, gloves, story books, iPad, pens, headphones, change of clothes, change of baby clothes, towel, headphones, …
          + Main pocket roomy (throw in a patagonia synthetic down vest, medical equipment, travel towel/blanket) and three internal mesh pockets hand for separating items. Clamshell full opening also handy for packing.
          + The many pockets meant that it was easy to locate the right item without having to extract the whole bag from the overhead locker / transfer bus / sled just.
          + Back hydration pocket with plastic panel made for a handy iPad and AquaDraw pocket.
          + Size just right for budget airline carry on.
          + Top grab handle made for easy stowage.
          + Sunglasses pocket handy but not big enough for ski goggles.

          I’ve recommend this bag for a dad on the go.


          • http://kcmachine.com Colin

            Alex, I agree with all of your points.

            I especially like the plastic panel in the hydration pocket. Gives you confidence of structure when a laptop/ipad is in there. I love the bag for trips.

          • AlexE

            While the Rush 24 with it’s comfy straps, reasonable capacity and phenomenal number of pockets and hidey holes made it a great travel bag, for me anyway it turns out not to that great an everyday carry bag.

            The profile of the bag means it sticks out quite a way from your body, turning you into a teenage mutant ninja turtle. This means that you are a bit back heavy and turning round in a small space (commuter train) is bit of an issue.

            For day to day use both for work and a dad of a todder and a baby I’ve replaced this bag with a Fjallraven 21, well to be honest, two of them, both a small and a medium sized one in green [1].

            The small one was (and is) great for just me (it holds a laptop, note pad, iPad, umbrella, lunch and a thin coat) or day trips for me and my toddler (coats, water, cutlery, change of clothes, bib, nappies) and even came with a changing mat ( which they mistakenly label a sit pad).

            However now we are going on longer day trips, she is bigger and I also need to take some stuff for my baby son, so I’be got a medium version that has five litres of more space, which is just enough. This version also has a little more space on the back (I’m 6 foot 2 and I have quite broad shoulders / 46 inch chest).

            The design of this bag is much slimmer and I like the strap and nub fastenings. A great commuter / dad day bag.

            [1] http://www.fjallraven.com/outdoor-equipment/backpacks-and-bags/rucksack-no21-medium

  • rafiq

    i like the shape of the rush 72, but it’s way too big for everyday use for me…
    it would have been perfect in my opinion if the rush 24 was a scaled-down version of the rush 72 (i.e. 4 compression straps, nice side pockets of the rush 72, etc….)

  • Josh

    Thanks for the great review!

    Could you let me know (or even take a photo) of the underside/bottom of the bag…? is there more molle?

    I’m trying to work out the best way, or even if it’s possible, to attach a sleeping bag to the backpack.


    • rafiq

      Hi Josh
      You can look at this:
      I was also planning to get a rush 24, but after looking at the real thing, I realized it was not suitable for my needs. Although the bag has compression straps, it still looks bulky when empty due to the way it is designed. I am still looking around for a similar pack, but which looks compact and slim when not full.
      With best regards,

      • Josh

        Thanks Rafiq, that’s a really useful link.

        That’s a shame it doesn’t compress down well when empty, I was hoping for the same. On the other hand I’ll mostly be using it for trips with plenty of stuff, so it’s not such an issue for me.

        Has anyone used the bag (extensively) for cycling? I was hoping to use this as an alternative to my messenger, but I’m worried the shape won’t be suited to riding..
        Removing the stiff back plate might be an option, but it would be good to hear some opinions.


  • Fabian

    I finally bought the black Rush24! And to say it in one word: “Awesome!!”.
    The quality of the rush24 is very good! Everything looks smooth, the zippers are very good and the compartments are really big and fit perfectly for my needs! (books, A4 folders, shoes, shopping). The front pocket is perfect for a beanie, gloves and a lot of small stuff you can put in the zipped pockets!
    Also the “hydration compartment” is a perfect match for a 15″ macbook pro.
    The smaller pockets on the top are one of my favourites.
    There, you can put in your wallet, camera, smartphone or ipod or something else!
    In the small pocket on the top of the Rush24 I put my keys to get a fast access to it but you can also put your sunglasses in it! (I will do that in the summertime 🙂 )
    I like to have everything in the right place and this bag is an perfect “organizer” for your daily needs!
    Even my girlfriend said, this is a great looking backpack (and now she also wants one hahaha)
    I had a long discussion with myself which backpack I should buy and in the end it was the decision between the Rush24 and the GR1. (In the beginng I had a choice of 23 backpacks xD) So the Rush24 made the race because of the prize over here in Germany! Obviously I like the clean look of the GR1.
    Also I have to save my money for a trip to San Francisco this year 😉 (…MissionWorkshop here I come xD)
    Contrary to some other comments I don´t think the Rush 24 is bulky for this size of backpack!
    I had to travel a lot in trains und busses and it there was no problem at all!
    I will go for some more weeks of daily using this backpack and if there is something which I think is necessary to tell you I will write it in another shorter comment 😉

    • Taylor

      Hey Fabian,

      Love your comment, this is what keeps me/us going.

      So glad you found the review useful to you and you made the purchase.

      Those top two pockets sure are killer aren’t they? Just perfect for small stuff. The fact that there is a zipper and a pouch within those pockets makes them even more versatile.

      Mind sharing your original list of 23 backpacks? I’d be very interested to hear which ones you were looking at, and which ones didn’t make the cut.

      When will you be in SFO? I’ll be there this April, and I’ll be visiting an amazing pack company there too.

      Please continue to update us with your thoughts on the RUSH here in the comments section. We and all the readers really enjoy reading that, especially readers who may be on the fence about purchasing this great pack.

      Excellent, thanks Fabian,


    • Taylor

      Maybe your girlfriend might like the RUSH 12? A little bit smaller, with all the features of the RUSH 24. Though the RUSH 24 isn’t too big for a female’s frame, it could be nice to go a slight bit smaller if your girlfriend is of smaller stature. Either way, I’m sure she’ll love it.

      I can imagine the two of you walking through airports with two matching RUSH packs on your backs. Cool stuff.

      • Fabian

        Sorry that i didn´t replied to you till now! I will do the list and my thoughts about it! But give me 2 or 3 weeks! I am quite busy right now (exams inc.!)

  • sandman

    Anyone use A Rush 24 bag for a Goruck Challange. I’m doing a Goruck Challange in September and don’t want to spend $300 on a GR1 bag.

    For those not familiar with Goruck Challenge we’ll lugging around close to 40lbs for about 10 hours. Just wondering if the Rush 24 will hold up….

    • http://www.taylorwelden.com taylorwelden

      I’d be confident in using the RUSH 24 for the GR Challenge. Plus, no one will knock you for using it, everyone involved with GORUCK is awesome, cool folks. The GR stuff sure is amazing, but if you’re on a budget, the RUSH 24 would be an awesome option. Made from serious 1000D Cordura nylon, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

      Let us know how it goes, and as always, send along photos.

  • Jonathon Ok
    • Taylor

      We’d love to get the All Hazards Prime in the hands of one of our contributors for a Road Test to compare the two packs directly. Looks like a solid pack, though smaller, and more nimble than the RUSH 24.

  • dan

    I’m looking to get a new bag soon and the Rush 12 or 24 look to be exactly what I am after.

    Can anyone comment on their real world capacity – I find listed capacities rarely tally with what the bag can actually hold in real life.

    Ideally I need a bag that I can use for my daily cycle commute and that can carry a full change of clothes, a lightweight jacket and a pair of shoes or boots without the bag bursting at the seams.

    Would the Rush 12 do the job? As it is for cycling I would prefer a smaller profile, plus I am quite a slight build so dont want a huge pack. Or should I go for the Rush 24.



    • http://Www.kcmachine.com Colin


      Check out my post here: http://kcmachine.com/post/10830872268/packing-efficiency

      The Rush 24 is huge, and by your description, the 12 would suit your needs well. Great bags, and highly recommended!


    • AlexE

      Hi Dan,

      I’ve used a Rush 24 as a carryon for a recent skiing trip and given the stuff I was able to pack into it (see above) with plenty of additional room for airport purchased drinks, sandwiches in the main pocket I’d suggest that the 24 is probably a bit big for your needs.

      It is quite a square bag so sticks out quite a way behind you if full. However, it does have compression straps to flatten the main pocket.

      In terms of fit, I’m 6ft2in with a 45inch chest and I find it comfortable when full but I’ve not done a long hike with it yet.

    • Taylor

      Totally agree with Alex and Colin…. the RUSH 12 would be a great bicycling bag, the 24 more suited for larger loads (and a great carry on). I have used my RUSH 24 as my one single bag for a 3-day trip via flight.

  • Dan

    Thanks guys, your input is much appreciated.

    Just ordered the Rush 12. If I need extra space I can just add some puches to the outside.

    Think I will make a waist strap for it too for a little extra bike based stability.

    Now I just have to sit and wait for the postman to come tomorrow 🙂



    • dan

      As a quick update – the rush 12 arrived a couple of days ago. I definitely made the right choice, it’s an amazing bag.

      For anyone else that may be wondering about the capacity of the Rush 12, I went away for the weekend and in the main compartment I got a pair of jeans, a shirt, heavy wool jumper, merino baselayer, 2 pairs of wool socks, waterproof jacket, pair of red wing boots and a primaloft gilet. The inner pockets also held a kindle, external hard drive, assorted plugs chargers and camera batteries.

      The one I got is made in Vietnam, not China, and the quality seems amazing throughout.

      • Yu-Wen

        Hey Dan, based on what you found out and the above review, I bought the Rush 12 and it is an excellent bag for EDC & carrying gym gear (change of clothes, gym shoes + full towel) to the office. Its a tough bag and I have walked though lots of rain with it and it keeps everything dry. Thanks for the recommendation and I would recommend it too Yu-Wen – I have also tried it with a 1.5L Source Hydration Bladder and it works a treat.

      • andy

        hie Dan,

        where did u bought the rush 24?

        is all the new rush24 model made in vietnam only? or china as well?

  • Sid

    What a great read!

    I am in the market for a new bag as well and my situation is quite a bit different. I am a college student, traveler, and photographer, and need one pack that can accommodate me on all my pursuits!

    First use for it would be as a regular school backpack that’s not too big, for school textbooks, binders, folders, pens, pencils, 15 inch notebook, water bottle. Also this needs to be able to handle severe rain, snow, and sleet. Is this up to it? Note: I don’t want a backpack that is too big or stands out.

    Second use is as a traveler/photographer so I need a good day pack/ trip bag.

    -one medium to small sized DSLR body (Canon rebel)
    – 24mm f1.4, 11-16mm f2.8, and 50-135mm f2.8 all in the same bag. (these are lenses)
    – 15inch computer
    – computer charger, camera charger, sd cards, nd filters, batteries, lens hoods, mouse,etc.
    – fairly small external hard drive
    – large headphones (ath-m50, carried in a pouch)
    – snacks, water bottle, sun glasses, bug repellant, small knife, a book
    – plastic bags, spare socks, tissues, flashlight, other small miscellaneous items

    I know this isn’t a camera bag but I think it can work as a day back that also holds camera equipment. And a camera bag more of a target for theft anyways.

    For my uses listed above, do you think the Rush 24 or the Rush 12 is a good fit?

    Please help me out.

    • http://Www.kcmachine.com Colin

      The rush12 would suit your needs quite well. The rush24 is quite big and is more suited for travel rather than a school bag. All of the things you mentioned, the bag does very well. You won’t be disappointed. You should also look into the goruck gr1, it’s more expensive, but also a great bag of that size.

      • S

        Hey, thanks for the reply.

        I have read that a 15inch computer may not fit into the Rush 12. I’m trying to find if there’s merit to that statement. Would you know?

        Otherwise the 12 does sound great.

        Also, I have seen the Goruck GR1 and 2. They look great but at this point out of my budget.

        • http://kcmachine.com Colin

          Unfortunately I am not sure if a 15in computer will fit into a Rush12. I suppose it depends on what kind of 15in computer you have. A slim Apple computer might fit over a not as slim Dell, so it seems like a case by case basis.

          I DO know though that a 15in Macbook Pro will fit into the Rush24’s compartment with no problems.

          Good luck, hopefully someone can answer your question.

  • Sid

    What a great read!

    I am in the market for a new bag as well and my situation is quite a bit different. I am a college student, traveler, and photographer, and need one pack that can accommodate me on all my pursuits!

    First use for it would be as a regular school backpack that’s not too big, for school textbooks, binders, folders, pens, pencils, 15 inch notebook, water bottle. Also this needs to be able to handle severe rain, snow, and sleet. Is this up to it? Note: I don’t want a backpack that is too big or stands out.

    Second use is as a traveler/photographer so I need a good day pack/ trip bag.

    -one medium to small sized DSLR body (Canon rebel)
    – 24mm f1.4, 11-16mm f2.8, and 50-135mm f2.8 all in the same bag. (these are lenses)
    – 15inch computer
    – computer charger, camera charger, sd cards, nd filters, batteries, lens hoods, mouse,etc.
    – fairly small external hard drive
    – large headphones (ath-m50, carried in a pouch)
    – snacks, water bottle, sun glasses, bug repellant, small knife, a book
    – plastic bags, spare socks, tissues, flashlight, other small miscellaneous items

    I know this isn’t a camera bag but I think it can work as a day back that also holds camera equipment. And a camera bag more of a target for theft anyways.

    For my uses listed above, do you think the Rush 24 or the Rush 12 is a good fit?

    Please help me out.

  • Josh

    Hey, thanks for the review and all the comments – super helpful. Just wondering if anyone knows if a 15inch Macbook Pro would fit in the back compartment?

    • Dan

      Yeah I have carried a 15″ Macbook Pro in mine with the Macbook in a neoprene sleeve.

  • Franck

    The recent reviews of the RUSH 24 are not good. The “Updated design” seems to be of much lesser quality and smaller.

    This is pretty upsetting. I settled on this backpack after much research and now I don’t know if I should buy it.

    I could get one made in Vietnam but it’s still labeled “updated design”. I don’t know what to think.

    • andy

      dear Frank,

      urs also made in vietnam? do u have the tag?? the updated design tag? can take photo and share.

      and the Content/COO/Care loop label inside the beg. is it at at left middle or left upper of the beg?

      is there any STA code or number at the back of the Content/COO/Care loop label?

      do share with me.


      • Franck

        I don’t have it yet, I just found one I could buy at a decent price. I specifically asked the seller if it had the “updated design” tag and the answer was yes.

        I could ask the seller the other things you mentioned. With this info, will you be able to tell me if it’s a good or bad version?

        • andy

          yup. do let me know and upload those photos.

          any fake 5.11 bag selling out there?

          • andy

            but the seller is selling 100% AUTHENTIC?

          • Franck
          • Franck

            About the content label, which is fake? Left upper or left middle?

          • andy

            about the centen label, i saw a few review/comment from internet, both middle and upper also got.

            so not sure which is fake.

            the last thing we can check should be the STA code or number at the back of the Content/COO/Care loop label.

            maybe can check if there is extra label behind the content label.

            Base on Dan above . he also bought a made in vietnam beg.

            but no reply from him after i msg and ask him.

          • andy

            from the auction, maybe u can ask him if is fake ? original or OEM?

            can ask him send photos to you.

          • Franck

            I asked the seller about the labels. At this point I’ll just buy the bag and keep this post updated to help with fakes, if I do get one.

          • andy

            all right frank.

            thanks for your help and time here. 🙂

            do updates us.

            meantime i will go find more details about it and share with u guyz

            and i found out the ebay seller is from Malaysia. $89.90 is a very good price.

  • Franck
    • andy

      hie franck.

      so did u bought the rush 24 bag?

      is it the updated version? share some photos.


      • Franck

        I got the bag. It seems legit.

        • andy

          woh..nice…share some photos..:)

  • andy

    does anyone here knows how to differenciate a imitation and original 5.11 rush 24 beg??

    hope someone can help here!! 🙂

  • andy

    i wonder if 5.11 tactical rush 24 have a updated design.

    there is no photo / details for the updated design in their website.

    any comment?!

  • Ang

    Wondering if anyone has used the Mil Tac Hawg Camelbak for the GoRuck Challenge.
    For me it’s down to this and the Rush 24. I wasn’t sure if the Camelbak – 500denier will be strong enough for the four bricks + I have to carry during the GRChallenge.
    The camelbak appears to have a better ergonomic design. Let me know suggestions and what you think???

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  • Kim

    Thanks!!!! I’ve found so many awesome backpacks thanks to you guys. I’ve spent some time researching your site for backpacks that would work great for me in a month. I’m going on a month long trip in Europe, and i’m looking into getting an all around backpack that can fit all my essentials and a luggage just for clothing.

    Two of my concerns are the need to go minimal, but also the desire to be able to reuse the backpack since I’m dishing out so much money. So basically, I’m looking into fashion and durability. So far I’ve narrowed it down to this, the Boreas Bolina, and GoRuck Radio Ruck. I’ll probably figure it out on my own, but thanks for everything!

    • Taylor

      Heya Kim,

      Thanks for your message.

      I’d say this is definitely a great pack for the $, no question.

      If I were you, I’d drop Boreas a message, explain what your needs are and ask them what they’d suggest in their collection. They have some seriously amazing stuff, we’re continually blown away by their work.

      • Kim

        Thanks! i still cant wrap my head around the bolinas, SO amazing, but i might actually just go with this one.

        but out of curiosity did you ever take a look at their rush 12?

        • http://www.coroflot.com/TaylorWelden Taylor Welden

          Heya Kim,

          I looked into the 12, which would be more suited to a smaller EDC style bag. The 24 you can definitely still travel with, much more space. The 12 seems like a perfect bag for some though!

          • kim

            works for me! thanks for everything!

  • Brian

    I’m looking to get the Rush 24, but I have a 17″ laptop (12.3″ wide when in a bag) that I want to be able to carry with me once in a while, do you think it will fit in either the hydration pocket or main pouch? I know the main pouch says its 12″ wide and the laptop is about 3/4″ wider, so I wonder if there is enough play in it to make it work.

    • http://www.coroflot.com/TaylorWelden Taylor Welden

      Hey Brian,

      I actually have it right here next to me. Which dimension of the laptop are you referring to? Corner to corner, the short end, or the long end? Happy to help, just let me know.

      Thanks for the message,

      • Brian

        I’m curious about the short side of the computer. It is about 16″ wide (as you use the laptop) witch will fit fine into the bag top to bottom. The laptop it 12.3″ deep (front to back as you use the laptop) and the bag says 12″ side to side so that’s the measurement I’m curious about. If I slide the laptop into the bag, will it fit side to side.

        Thanks for taking the time to answer

        • Taylor

          Heya Brian,

          So I just did some careful measuring for ya… and it looks like it is a no go, unfortunately 🙁

          The zippered compartment tapers at the top, down to something like 10″. However, if you put your laptop in a sleeve, it would very likely fit inside the main compartment.

          Sorry I couldn’t give you the good news you were hoping for!

          • Brian

            No, actually that IS good news. Better to find out ahead of time than buy it and no be able to use it for what I want.

            Again, thanks for taking the time to measure for me.

  • Wes

    You mean I’m not the only backpack-obsessed freak out there? My wife thinks I’m nuts! I just won a “used/perfect condition” Rush 24 on EBay for $76!! Can’t wIt to get it! My intention was to get it to train for the Goruck Challenge, but it sounds like I may end up using it as my EDC as well. Thanks for the review and comments


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