The Sixth Annual Carry Awards: Have Your Say!

The Sixth Annual Carry Awards have arrived! We’re set to honor the world’s best carry, raising it on a podium of recognition for pushing the boundaries in innovation, taking functionality to the next level, and offering up styling that makes us take a second look (and a third…). And we’re looking to you, our knowledgeable readers, to help us single out the best of the best over 2017/2018.

Voting considerations

Carefully consider your nominations. Our Carry Awards are about celebrating the cream of the carry crop. So if you have a piece in mind, think carefully about whether it deserves your vote or not. What puts it head and shoulders above the rest in your opinion? Is it particularly innovative? Maybe it’s an exceptional blend of form and function? Or perhaps it really excels in meeting a particular carry need and truly represents design that’s fit for purpose. If you’re nodding your head, then nominate the piece in the appropriate category below.

Carry Awards Trophy2

Try to focus on pieces from 2017/2018. Since this is an annual award, we want to keep things relevant and fresh. So try to restrict your nominations to pieces from 2017/2018. But we know gems from previous years can sometimes slip under the radar, and maybe you know of such a piece. If so, and you think it’s worthy of recognition, you can nominate it.


Previous winners are not eligible. Where would be the fun in the same pieces continually winning? We have solid respect for past winners, but new pieces should be allowed to shine too. It keeps things interesting and encourages previous winners to keep striving for even better carry creations.
Speaking of striving for better, you can nominate a previous winner that has been significantly and meaningfully updated. We’re looking for updates that really make a difference, not simply a change of colorway or material choice. If version 2.0 is truly better and thoughtfully refined to improve the user experience, feel free to lend your support by nominating it.


Unbiased recognition for a carry job well done. Our Carry Awards are unbiased and not influenced by any brand affiliation. All brands have an equal opportunity for recognition, no matter their size or existing level of fame. Newcomers stand side by side with industry giants, where merit and creative effort will determine the ultimate victors.