The Seventh Annual Carry Awards: Have Your Say!

Welcome to our Seventh Annual Carry Awards! One of the most exciting times in the carry calendar, these awards celebrate the best carry across a host of niches, from travel bags to pocket-friendly EDC. And we’re pleased to welcome a new award category this year, Best Sling Bag. So there’s even more opportunity to single out solid gear for the praise it deserves.

Now we’re looking to you, our highly knowledgeable readers, to get involved and single out the innovative, stylish and functional pieces from 2018/2019 that really deserve a spotlight on the global carry stage.

Voting considerations

What should influence your voting decision? These awards aim to celebrate the top tier in the carry world. So you should think long and hard about whether a particular piece merits a nomination. What gives it that ‘special something’ that helps it rise above the rest? Does it excel on the style-meets-function front? Perhaps it shook up the industry through great innovation? Maybe it’s really, really good at fulfilling its intended purpose? If you have a piece in mind that fits the bill, you can nominate it below in the relevant category.

Carry Awards Trophy2

Try to focus on pieces from 2018/2019. We like to keep things fresh, so try to focus on pieces that stepped onto the scene from 2018 to 2019. But some truly great pieces from previous years don’t get the recognition they deserve, and we get that. So if you have such a piece in mind and want to give it the attention it deserves, you can nominate it.

Please note, previous winners are not eligible. If a piece has scooped one of our carry awards before, then unfortunately it’s not eligible to be entered in the running. Why? Well, it’s already proven it has what it takes to stand tall above the rest and has been recognized accordingly. And there’s no incentive to improve on the design if it continuously scores top honors. Plus, newer pieces deserve their chance to shine too and we want to encourage such pieces in getting the recognition they deserve.

However, this doesn’t mean that significantly updated previous winners aren’t eligible. If a previous winner has undergone a meaningful design change for the better (and we’re talking more than just a new colorway or additional fabric options), then it’s eligible to be nominated again. And what better way to salute designers who keep on striving for improvement?

Unbiased praise for industry giants and up-and-comers alike

Our Carry Awards are not influenced by any brand affiliation. These are unbiased recognitions of a job truly well done, whether it’s a big brand that’s been in the industry for decades, or a small brand just starting out with an excellent first offering. If a piece is really remarkable, it deserves praise regardless of how large or well known a brand may be. And only the best will score top honors, no matter who the competition is.