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Carry Awards VIII: Best Travel Luggage

by , July 17, 2020

No two trips are the same. Some trips require sophisticated style, from chic urban getaways to business travel. Others a pure adventure. And some navigate a path of changing terrain, tackling outdoor trails one day and cobbled streets the next. No piece of luggage will suit every possible trip. But there are certainly common criteria that good travel pieces cater to. Durability is key, whether you want luggage to come out whole on the baggage carousel or successfully tackle the challenges of rugged outdoor terrain. Suitable maneuverabilty and portability is key, whether it’s smooth-rolling spinner wheels or backpack straps to take stairways head-on. Not to mention useful grab handles for transporting the luggage over shorter distances too. And of course convenient access and organization so you can easily get to the items you need during the journey and not end up with a jumbled mess for the rest of your gear.

Our Best Travel Luggage finalists are designed to thrive in a diverse range of environments, each doing a great job for their intended purpose. But which one delivers the ultimate first-class performance that merits the category crown? Decide below.


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