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Arc’teryx Khard 30

The Arc’teryx Khard 30 is a tactical backpack for hauling radios, medical supplies or bang-bang bits into radical situations. As such, it is lightweight, allows for incredible access, and is built tough but with a bit of mountaineering pedigree – it actually makes for an incredible travel and all-rounder pack. In fact, it has quickly […]

(TAD) Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Litespeed

Inspired by TAD customers who were looking for a lightweight and more nimble alternative to their legendary FAST Pack EDC for use in active scenarios when in need of full range of arm motion. And for us, it’s great for 1-3 day travel trips, riding your bike around town on errands or over to the […]

(TAD) Triple Aught Design FAST Pack EDC

So many crew go crazy for TAD gear and we know why. Their packs are tactical eye candy, super well made and well considered. The FAST Pack EDC is their flagship and designed for getting active; for the movers and the shakers, the living, FAST. It’s form-fitting, light, and tough as nails.You can hit the […]


We can’t think of a better Carry On bag to travel the world with. The GR2 fits everything you need, blends in to anywhere you go, and can be customised with modules to most configurations you desire. If you’re a OneBag convert, the GR2 let’s you carry on everything, yet still present in front of […]

Mystery Ranch Komodo Dragon

A slightly larger version of the 3 Day Assault pack built for those in the line of service or travellers who love that tactical tip. The 3-zip system allows quick open-flat packing and unpacking for immediate access to gear. The internal compartment can store up to 38L, including 3 hydration pockets and a space for […]

Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault

A previous winner of our Best Active Backpack, the 3DAP is something we’ve dug for years now. It’s 3Zip opening is just awesome to use – from laying the bag out for packing, to accessing any area quickly on the go. And being a Mystery Ranch, the fabric and the way it’s patterned gives you […]

Arc’teryx Khard 45

When trekking on a hike you don’t want to be lugging any more than you need to. The Khard from Arc’teryx is designed to be compact and to balance its load, reducing weight shifting which could cause back strain. The 45L pack has a fully padded main compartment large enough to fit a day’s hike […]


Sometimes it feels like the whole world is getting on the GORUCK wagon. Blending a conservative aesthetic that fits in a work space, with a military spec that can John Rambo through war zones, the GR1 is a super-versatile workhorse. It ain’t cheap, but it will definitely last. It looks just as good with a […]


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.