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Carryology x Topo Designs Klettersack Collab


Exclusive Release: Topo Designs x Carryology Klettersack Backpack

by , November 17, 2017

This was so difficult to keep secret for several months.  But now, ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce that it is finally here...the Topo Designs x Carryology Klettersack, in super limited release – only 100 are available.

Even better: we have an agreement with the kind folks over at Topo Designs so that you, our readers, have the exclusive first dibs at purchasing one of these incredible backpacks. From right now (Friday the 17th) until Monday the 20th, these will only be available for you all to scoop up. So you know what to do!



The Klettersack

The fruit of our collaboration pack hangs from the branches of the tried and true Topo Designs Klettersack. The 22L Klettersack is brilliantly simple, yet can haul an ample amount of gear to the office, to the trail, on a trip, and more. Like all heritage-style formats, it boasts a minimal but functional pocket layout.  

Personally, I used to love pockets on pockets on pockets, but lately, I've been practicing Inception Packing. So the Klettersack's cavernous main compartment swallows down all of my pouches and larger items with ease. It also has two quick-access external water bottle pockets on the outside and a sleeve for the most popular sized 15" laptop. And lastly, at 22 liters, it hit that sweet spot for everyday carry.


Materials, Hardware, Construction

We wanted to make this pack nearly indestructible so it could get used out in the real world...hard.  So based on the packs we've been reviewing and using for years, we looked at what works, what we love and what you love.  This is absolutely a "greatest hits" of the best of the best we've come across and have access to. We didn't want to cut one single corner and we also wanted the user experience to really shine (this includes durability, functionality, pleasure of use, and aesthetics).  Here's a quick breakdown below of materials and hardware that we've spec'd on this dream pack.

Topo Designs x Carryology Klettersack

Main pack: Dimension Polyant X-Pac "VX" durable waterproof fabric, made in USA

Back panel:  Cordura 1050 ballistic heavy duty nylon fabric

Hardware:  AustriAlpin 25mm Cobra buckles (2), made in Austria

Liner:  Cordura high-vis fluorescent orange nylon fabric

Pullers/cord:  550 reflective paracord

Zippers:  YKK #10

Location of manufacture:  Colorado, USA

Topo Designs x Carryology Klettersack

Who is this pack for?

Sure, on paper this all sounds great. And trust us...it is. But what makes this pack better? Who would use this pack? In what scenario(s)?

Topo Designs x Carryology Klettersack

Simply put, we designed this pack to be used by us and by you. We have a wide range of characters and personas here on Carryology and we wanted to reflect on all of them. This Topo Designs x Carryology Klettersack collab is for Urbanites, Working Professionals, Freelancers, Office Workers, Cyclists, Commuters, Gym Rats, Travelers, Hikers, Gear Nerds, Bag Collectors, Hikers, and more.



The X-Pac fabric looks professional in an office setting, but it can take all the abuse that Mother Nature can throw at it. The Cobra buckles look almost like understated jewelry for the urban streets. But they will never (ever) fail you when you try to overfill the pack to its brim and rely on the buckles to hold down the high strength webbing.

Topo Designs x Carryology Klettersack

The orange liner is purely functional for all types, as no matter who you are, locating your gear quickly is key, and an internal pop surely helps.  

And the extra long reflective paracord (inspired by our own The Brown Buffalo's older designs) is easy to locate, while providing plenty of dazzle for automobiles to spot you while cycling at night. As above, you can tuck it in for a cleaner look, or let it hang and pop, whatever suits your vibe. 

Long story short, we wanted to reach a wide range of our people and give them the best possible Klettersack we could possibly create together with the Topo Designs team.

Topo Designs x Carryology Klettersack

Super limited

One last reminder, these packs are made in the USA in super limited quantities (100 units only) and they may never be available ever again. Truly a functional collector's piece (that we insist gets lovingly used and abused daily). We suspect they'll go fast. Especially since we know we're going to be buying one or two of these for ourselves!


Topo Designs x Carryology Klettersack

Tag us please!

If you are one of the lucky ones to score one of these Klettersacks, please use the hashtag #TopoDesignsXCarryology if you post up any photos of your pack once it arrives!

Topo Designs x Carryology Klettersack

Shipping restrictions

A heads up: unfortunately Topodesigns.com have international shipping restrictions to the 19 countries listed below. If that's you, firstly, sorry! And secondly there's two options to still snap a collab. 1) Reshipping services like myus.com 2) Shipping to family or friends in a nearby country.

List: Albania, Algeria, Brazil, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Morocco, Myanmar, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Tunisia,Ukraine.

  • Jonas Hanna

    This combo is killer guys! Icing on the cake detail for me was the orange logo to match with the orange interior of the pack. I know it’s more of a manufacturing detail that the orange peeks out at the very top of the side pockets but it looks especially good here. Can’t wait for the adventures!
    On another note – a matching dopp kit would be bitching too! 😉
    Great job guys, you managed to get me to buy it even though it’s let’s face it is on the high ass side. I had bout it in the $270ish range so mentally prepared for that but it still ended up being a bit north of that. Anywho – I cry once and then get to enjoy this pack for the time I have remaining.

    • TeamCarryology

      Epic Jonas!! Amped you loved that lil’ detail. It’s all the about those little details for us. We hope you enjoy (and abuse) it for years to come. STOKED.

  • RogSim

    Looks like a killer bag. Too bad it’s $350.

    • TeamCarryology

      Hey @disqus_EFeYFDml3c:disqus, sorry about that, ha! It’s definately on the high side. This our ‘greatest hits’ of fabrics and hardware, and so it adds up.

  • SladeNoctis

    Managed to get one, love the style and selection of materials, but agree with others that its a bit much on the price especially compared to the other collab bags specifically the xpac. Either it looks sick and I hope the next collab you guys can take your time and have more flexibility on the features and functionality you guys really want.

    • TeamCarryology

      Right on, @sladenoctis:disqus! This was a first and we’ll get better. ENJOY! And please take a snap and tag us when it arrives. We’d be stoked to see it in the wild. 🙂

  • Howe

    Great looking bag. Unfortunate about the price and trying to do the math .topo Danner collab at 189 usd with horween leather or the Klettersack x pac at 189 usd . So is the increase in price from the buckles , drawstring & limited edition status? Hope carryology will make future collaboration s more accessible to the masses . Maybe a Tom Binh synapse 19 collab with similar colour way?would dig that.

    • Jonas Hanna

      Hey the Synapse is already almost at 200 bones! Thought you wanted the collabo price to go down not up! lol.

      • Howe

        Nothing to do with how much synapse costs.. but the comparison with other similar topo bags and the markup of 161 ‘bones’ for the exclusivity. I guess you are trying to justify to yourself of money well spent. Lol.

        • Jonas Hanna

          I get you. I could have justified spending about $270 which is where I guestimated it to be “fairly” priced not considering “exclusivity tax”. Believe me I know I overpaid.

          • TeamCarryology

            Hey Jonas, just wait til it arrives. You’ll be stoked, trust us. 🙂

          • Jonas Hanna

            Truth be told I factored in the fact that I find sanctuary in the carryology website. I know (or at least I tell myself) i’m not the only one that visits this site on a daily basis and sometiimes multiple times per day to get my carry fix! I felt like I could stretch that extra bit in order to be a part of this. I guess in the end that was my justification @ Howe. LOL!
            You’re welcome Carryology!

          • Howe

            Enjoy the bag Jonas. Like I said I like the bag myself just couldn’t bring myself to spend that amount for it.

    • TeamCarryology

      Heya Howe, don’t forget the Hypalon – used for special forces inflatable boats etc – on the lash tabs. Extended drawstring with reflective tracers. And you have to take into account that not only is the bag ‘limited’ but it’s a super small run. So you’re buying spools of fabric in smaller amounts, thus boosting the cost etc 😉

    • TeamCarryology

      A Synapse collab would be EPIC!

      • Howe

        Hope to see a Carryology collab of the Synapse. 🙂

  • Brad

    I threw a lot of shade at this bag when it was “teased” and while I am still sort of bored with the Klettersack, not to mention vexed by the uselessness of the bottle pockets and the compression straps……..This bag does look dope, probably thanks to the extra long reflective cordage. I will take credit for this “greatest hits” trope that is being used now since I coined it in my first snarky comment on the teaser post, and have little else to do with my time right now.

    Suggestion: Use an aquaguard YKK zip on the top pocket. I am sure there is a practical reason why that was not done but that would ostensibly be a 100% waterproof pocket. Rare on a street-wear bag. Non-existent on a Topo product.

    • TeamCarryology

      Hey @disqus_bbEU5osmtZ:disqus, we were actually thinking of an Aquaguard for the top pocket! But Topo updated the pattern recently and added a rain cover, so it’s actually completely covered with XPac fabric. So we decided it was kinda unnecessary.

      • Antonio Rodriguez

        Wait, mine didn’t come with a raincover? And they updated the pattern of the bag after it was released?

        • TeamCarryology

          Hey @disqus_J7mhhcepxF:disqus, we should have clarified here. A ‘rain cover’ here is flap of material that covers the zip. It’s also called a rain flap or weather flap etc. There’s no real need a ‘over bag’ rain cover, so you’re all good. Enjoy your pack!

  • Black Rainbow Project

    Not a single shot of one of the most important areas of ANY bag…the main straps and back panel/padding?
    Aren’t people bothered about things like comfort, fit, stability anymore?
    Which weight of X-Pac for the main bag? Which weight of Cordura for the liner?
    C’mon guys…It’s not enough to just reel off brand names when you’re asking for a lot of money for an essentially basic bag.
    There’s a big difference between the different weights of both of those fabrics when it comes to cost, performance, durability etc

    On a side note…where you been Taylor? Come say Hi. 🙂

    • TeamCarryology

      Hey @blackrainbowproject:disqus, wow, long time no hear. How’s BRP coming along? Any updates? We always get the occasional reader query about BRP – it seems to be one of those ‘unicorn’ bags, for sure, ha!

      – The straps remain unchanged. You can peep those on the standard Klettersack age. 1050D ballistic for the back panel.

      – The X-Pac is X21 RC. Details: 210 denier double ripstop nylon with black polyester X-Ply reinforcement threads at 22 degrees. X 21 RC uses the same 210 denier face fabric as the VX21 but has a .5 mil shiny polyester PET film backing instead of a woven polyester. Weight: 4.4oz per Sq/Yd.

      – The liner is 400D high density pack cloth.

  • Craig Johnson

    What is the back panel and strap construction? Is airmesh used?

  • Jorge Faria

    What material are the lash tabs?

  • moe

    My rough calculation says that the weight you save with the X Pac is completely added back by the Cobra buckles, is that correct? Not to mentioned that the 1000D Cordura is a lot more abrasion resistant than the VX21 (I assume you use the same X Pac they use for their other pack too). Any thoughts on this?

    • TeamCarryology

      Hey @disqus_RyK0Ys4cmF:disqus, weight and abrasion resistance wasn’t a factor here. We were strictly aiming for awesomeness!!

  • X_mike_

    I definitely think that this back pack is sick as hell!! The only thing I don’t like is that my 40oz hydroflask won’t fit on the side bottle holder pockets :/ if that were to get some extra space for a bigger water bottle it would be perfect!! Please relay the message and get this improved!

    • TeamCarryology

      Will do @x_mike:disqus

  • Jeremy Jahn

    Hiya folks, if you don’t mind, I’d like to pass along my insights below. I ordered the during the exclusive opening for Carryology subscribers so I’ve been using the Klettersack for about a month now. Below are my thoughts.

    Tl;dr: 350 bucks is way too much for this bag exclusivity be damned.

    Here’s my list of some pro’s and con’s about the Carryology designed Topo Klettersack. Some of these pros and cons aren’t specifically around the Carryology version, they’re just details that also affect the Klettersack in general. Given the price, I feel it’s fair to point these out.

    The Good

    1. The bag is built really well. You can just tell this bag oozes quality. From the choice of fabrics, to the Cobra buckles, this is a nice bag
    2. Black on black design, who doesn’t like that?
    3. X-Pac fabric doesn’t attract pet fur like other materials. This is great considering the bag is black.
    4. Very much water resistant if the bag is cinched up and cover flap is carefully placed
    5. Given the fact that the bag is a deep tube, the bright interior certainly helps find small objects towards the bottom of the sack.
    6. Shoulder straps are relatively comfortable. The Goruck tends to dig into my neck and armpits a bit so this is a nice change.
    7. The smooth material around the shoulder straps isn’t likely to prematurely wear out clothing considering it’s smooth. I like that.

    Now the bad

    1. 350 dollars. For a nice sack.
    2. while the bag is deep, it’s actually a bit narrow so bulkier items won’t fit as well and loads will tend to sit higher.
    3. Laptop sleeve has zero protection from items inside the bag. You might find your MacBook has a new dent after hauling heavy items around
    4. The lack of outside pockets (besides the flap) and the drawstring means putting things like hats, scarves, and gloves in the sack (while on the train) requires you to open the bag and loosen the drawstring. That doesn’t seem like a big deal? Try doing it on a crowded subway where arm movement is limited.
    5. The Cordura fabric on the back gets warm even in Boston winters. The Goruck’s back panel gets warm in the summer, but at least it has some channels to attempt to dissipate heat.
    6. The top carrying handle is just sewn on webbing. I mean, c’mon, for 350 bucks I’d like something a bit more substantial than that.
    7. The bag side ‘cinches’ seem poorly executed. They expand way beyond the bag’s ability to do the same. While the bag is tall (or deep), it’s not wide so the cinches seem like an odd idea.
    8. Like other reviewers have pointed out, if the bag is full, the side pockets are useless. You’d be lucky to squeeze a cricket fart in there. Again, that’s a Klettersack choice.
    9. The webbing which runs through the Cobra buckles is smooth so they tend to loosen themselves which could lead to rain exposure.. that leads me to the ugly…

    The ugly.

    1. If one does not make an extra attempt at cinching the bag as tightly as possible as well as making sure the top flap covers the opening, this bag will allow rain to enter into it. Since the bag is bright orange inside, one can easily tell the interior of the bag (the non-waterproof part) is exposed unless you carefully CAREFULLY close the bag. Even then, since the straps running through the Cobra buckles loosen themselves, you may still get water inside the bag. Given the extra cost of the X-Pac material and its ability to repel water, I feel that this is a huge oversight for a 350 dollar bag.

    Some of my criticisms may seem nitpicky, but for 350 dollars, this bag had better execute near flawlessly. Discount it by 50% and I feel that this is a stellar bag but not at its current price point.

    I’m sorry, I love Carryology but this bag is disappointing considering its competition in that price point.


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