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Brandon Vulaj

Brandon, Senior Editor, always understands the finer details. He can talk for hours about softgoods, brands and fabric innovation, so hit him up for a chat, on or off the record.

Laurence Fry

Laurence is a Brit abroad, living in the North Eastern US. A creative at heart specialising in photography, videography, writing, and design. He loves the outdoors, and can often be found reading in a hammock (with a gin or IPA in hand).

Bo Ismono

Bo Ismono is a commercial film editor based in Hamburg, with a passion for any type of gear ranging from electronic gadgets to feature-packed bags or EDC gear.

Michael Knispel

Mike’s our head honcho, master wordsmith and token urban dude. When he’s not talking carry or digging up stories, he’s scouring the interweb for obscure hip hop.


Ando will write reviews that run for pages, he’ll never think a carry piece is fully resolved, and he’ll always call it out if it should be. Oh, and he’s a co-founder of Carryology.


Hadrien is a carry designer, a co-founder of Carryology, and is behind most of the amazing illustrations and infographics you see on the site. He never gives a basic review of anything – there’s always an insight or three.

Taylor Welden

Taylor designs for countless carry brands, across every carry category. He’s contributed to the lost art of manly moustaches, and earned a reputation for reviews that keep our core carry nuts learning.

David Vo

David gets right into the details, in a way that few can. He prefers carry gear that lets him get active. He rides bikes, eats good food, and has a digital footprint approaching a yeti.

Catherine Baecker-Khoury

Catherine is a tea addict and fan of hands-free carry. She loves hill scrambling, forest traipsing and is the reason our grammar and spelling are so awesome, running her eye over every post that you get to read.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.