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Matt Ritscher

Matt Ritscher is a content creator and marketer based out of Colorado always in search of the next rad bag. Having been a photographer for over 10 years and worked in the outdoor industry, Matt has a curiosity about what brands are doing that’s innovative and fun. Matt enjoys reading, writing, cycling, and generally just […]

Abram Goglanian

Abram’s obsession with bags began in childhood after finding his father’s rust-orange hiking backpack in the garage. This obsession has followed him throughout his life and career. As a designer, he has been fortunate to work with multiple companies, ranging from Tech Startups, Big Data Solutions, to eCommerce and everything in-between. He nerds out on […]


After stumbling into the world of bag design in his formative years, Industrial designer Janis never looked back. Since then he’s dedicated his days to the ways of the bag. Years spent scribbling ideas, studying knife skills with Vietnamese pattern masters, drafting millions of technical specs and journeying to remote textiles factories have elevated Janis […]

Vincent Tse

Vincent is a pocket enthusiast with a goal to, not carry less or more, but to carry smarter. He scours the Interwebs for the most innovative and efficient carry, looking for key organizers, phone cases, or multitools (maybe all of that in one) and completes the list with a bag to pack it all in. […]

Piotr Ma

It all started back in the mid 80’s when Piotr (at the age of 10) joined his father, a pro climber, for the first time on a mountaineering trip. Later on he was also bitten by the sailing bug, first on lakes, later on open sea. Today, as an avid mountaineer, skier, bushcrafter and certified […]

Mike Weiss

Mike Weiss obsession with bags dates back to elementary school and figuring out if one-shoulder or two was most comfortable and why. Fast forward 20 years and he clocked a few years working at the infamous Triple Aught Design. Now, he’s putting those years of experience to work for Carryology…and clogging up his house with […]

John Pangilinan

Based in Downtown Long Beach, John worked the agency life for a number of years before moving into the freelance world where he specializes in marketing and photography having worked in the automotive, action sports, and streetwear world. A few passions include traveling, surfing, watching MMA, and building project cars.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.