Welcome to Carry University

Carry101 builds your foundation knowledge around carry.

From understanding key concepts and ingredients, to knowing how to pick the rad stuff, we hope to get you carrying better, sooner.


With our Formats section, we’ll explain why you might choose a backpack over a messenger, or what traits make for a great wallet.  This is carry learning applied to the main types of carry gear. Dive in and enjoy…


It’s almost an immutable law of the universe, crap in = crap out.

The quality and appropriateness of your materials and components makes a huge difference to how well your carry gear will work, and keep working.

In this section, we help you understand how to pick the good stuff, and how to keep it working well.


With Carryology, we want to give you much more than just news and reviews.  Our Awesomeness section rounds up many of our favorite posts, and shares them with the aim to inspire and inform.


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