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What makes a great wallet?

What makes a great wallet?

by , December 8, 2009

great wallet

And are we actually asking enough of them?

Want a bigger version of the poster? click [HERE]

Most of us don’t ask much of the wallet we carry. So long as it hasn’t yet exploded, we’re kinda content.

But I was kinda content with my mobile phone, until the iPhone came along. And I’m now kinda content with my iPhone, until one that actually works well as a phone comes along.

So here’s our stab at what a great wallet should do. We’ve even tried to make a little poster of it. If we can get this sorted, there will hopefully be a lot of discontented wallet owners…

More discussion after the jump…

1. It disappears until you need it: Small size, soft corners, and all the things that mean it won’t bulge out, get in the way, or create steady employment for your chiropractor.

2. Access vs Storage: Quick access to the things you need frequently. Compact and efficient storage for the rest.

3. The right level of protection
: If you cycle to work, the thing should be water resistant. If hang at the coast, the thing should keep sand away from your cards. The wallet should have enough protection that your lifestyle won’t destroy the things inside.

4. It should support your personality: If you go to shout the boss lunch with a velcro surf wallet, it’s a pretty hard act to pull off. Just like socks, wallets don’t often get flashed around, yet you don’t want to be busting out the Mickey Mouse numbers too often.

5. Accommodating: There’s always going to be an impromptu hitch-hiker or two (a new SIM card, a borrowed key, or an urgent shopping list). There should be spaces to deal with these.

What are we missing? In what priority do these elements fall for you?

Go on, inspire and educate us in the comments…

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Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.