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Insights :: Two Wallet Carry

by , November 14, 2011

Insights :: Two Wallet Carry

Strategies for splitting your pocket carry

As a general rule with wallets, less is more. A small and well organised pocket piece will beat a bulging Costanza every time.

But as we’ve pushed that thinking further, we’ve realised that sometimes two wallets can be better than one. For certain people, splitting your wallet in two can let you optimize what you keep where, and reduce a bulging wallet filled with cards you only use once a year…

So we’ve started rounding up some great examples of Two Wallet Carrying. These are all examples we’ve seen used well, however they are by no means exhaustive. If you’ve seen a great Two Wallet system, we’d love to hear about it in the comments.

The Shop Card carry

Every shop wants your loyalty these days, and the way they seek it is by weighing you down with plastic cards that they expect you to carry everywhere. While many of these are just a customer number that you can enter in your phone or Evernote, many others want you carrying that little magnetic strip.

The solution? A second small wallet, filled with all your shop cards that you keep in your bag. Your daily wallet can then be slimmed and optimized, and these mountains of loyalty cards then stay out of the way.

Insights :: Two Wallet Carry

Tradies Cert Card carry

Not only do trades-people have to deal with hardware & supplier loyalty cards, they also have to haul a bunch of certification cards around with them in case the inspectors ever inspect.

The Solution? Again, it’s a small wallet with all these bundled together which you keep in your vehicle. That leaves your pockets slim, so you won’t keep catching your pocket bulge in your circular saw.

The Traveler

This one is pretty common. When you travel, you don’t need most of your cards, so they can hang together in your suitcase. The tricky bit is that you often need your passport on you, so a slim passport sleeve or passport wallet becomes your friend instead.

Insights :: Two Wallet Carry

Mugger Decoy

Yep, this one’s for real. We have readers who live in some pretty heavy cities, where mugging is more common than using that library card. So while your valuable money and cards are kept in a slim card wallet, some decoys and a small note or two go into another wallet, which can be handed over without stress. Does this sound a bit movie-like? Yeah, it did to us as well, but we have readers that can get mugged multiple times in a year, and it saves them some serious hassle.

Insights :: Two Wallet Carry

image via Lifehacker’s recent article about Mugging & Wallets.

Business card carry

Another common one, especially for sales crew or guys that live by their business cards. The trick with this one is to keep your business cards looking good, without looking like you’re a professional business-card-hander-out-erer. Go for something that looks like a slim card sleeve (so they could think it’s your regular wallet), rather than one of those naff cigarette tin looking things.

Insights :: Two Wallet Carry

Bum Equalizer

No, seriously. We have a Carryologist that lives in Indonesia who got sick of sitting sideways. The solution was to split his wallet into two, and pop one in each back pocket. Kinda ingenious really…

What have we missed? Go on, start sharing your ideas in the comments. It becomes addictive you know…

Note: It’s worth mentioning that Carryology gets lots of support from a wallet company called Bellroy (which is partly how we are so aware of all these 2 wallet strategies). This post was not a blatant attempt to suck up to them, but rather a bit of fun where we stole some of their images to help communicate. If you are choosing to start a 2 wallet strategy, we’re just as happy if you do it with a duct tape and unicorn horn wallet.


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