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Anti Wallets

by , June 30, 2010

anti wallet hack

The Anti Wallet

No matter how small you can make a wallet, it will still be too big for some.

So crew start cutting and hacking and unearthing all sorts of ways to carry their pocket contents without the traditional wallets they are trying hard to avoid.

We’ve collected a few of the ‘anti wallet’ strategies we’ve seen over the years, and tried to share some examples of the better ones. As always, if we’ve missed something, or you have better examples, we’d love to hear from you…

The Squeeze

Jam as much as you can in to a card carrier

Take a slim case that was intended to just carry a few cards, and fill until bursting. Magic wallets, business card cases, and ID pouches are the most commonly abused.

The Hack

Tiny makeshift wallet

This can be an old plastic bus sleeve, a stitched piece of sail cloth, or a bit of duct tape magic. It needs to be very thin, kinda basic, and should never be pulled out in front of a client.

The Clip (a variant is the band)

Bulldog clip as a wallet strategy

Money clips, rubber bands, bulldog clips or any number of constraining devices. There is zero protection with these, but it does cut a very slim profile.

The Nude

Sometimes no wallet can be a wallet strategy

This is the commando of wallet strategies. It almost doesn’t get any slimmer. Just make sure you have good pockets. Note: some strategies for The Nude rely on your partner having a handbag that you can rent space in. Partners must be willing for this to work.

The Nada

No wallet is a wallet

OK, OK, there is one even more minimal strategy, and it’s generally employed by your most low-life friends. We’re pretty sure they own some cards and cash, but you’ve never seen them, and certainly never on a Friday night.

Have we missed any?

Do you have a great example you’re keen to share?


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.