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How will you carry your iPad?

by , May 26, 2010

How will you carry your iPad?

How will you carry your iPad?

So the Kindle killer has finally started shipping, and accessory makers are scrambling to get iPad sleeves ready for your new toy. While we are still waiting for ours to arrive, we’ve been pouring over the available options online, and thinking through just what a good option will be.

Having only seen these on screen, here are the sleeves we are leaning towards…

The way we see it, a good way to carry your iPad will be a flexible way. Sometimes you’ll want to throw it in your main bag, other times you’ll want to travel lean.

We’ve never been ones to put a huge shock resistant cover on our iPhones, so I can’t see us doing that with the iPad either. If you’re after the shock and awe covers, maybe try this. For the rest of us, a good sleeve or envelope seems the best option. But there’s more to it that just that…

Do you carry a backpack, a messenger, or a tote?

If it’s a backpack or long tote, you’ll want a portrait opening for your sleeve (opening on the short edge of your iPad). This will let you remove the iPad from the sleeve without getting the whole ensemble out of your bag.

If you’re carrying a messenger or large handbag, a landscape opening (on the long edge) will give you better access.

You’ll want to avoid complicated openings (iPads are all about quick access), and any bulky closures that will get in the way of sliding your sleeve in and out.

Other than that? Just make sure it’s a sleeve you’re excited about. At the end of the day, the iPad is an emotional purchase, so you don’t want to clothe it in a cheap horror show.

Portrait formats

Loads of brands do neoprene sleeves, which we think will be quite good. We like the look of this ACME:

How will you carry your iPad?
As well as the Booq, or maybe you’d prefer your case to look more like a shopping bag?

How will you carry your iPad?

If you’re after something more unique, the Hlaska fits that bill. A warning though, we think the buckle will get in the way in a bag, and risks causing damage. If you want that unique leather look, but on the cheap try this from Griffin. We’re generally a little suspect on the ‘fine leather’ look done on the cheap like this though. This Griffin looks reasonable in the photos, and we like the construction, it’s just a matter of how that fake leather comes up in the detail.

How will you carry your iPad?

But come on, we should be showing our personalities! And as usual, Etsy is gold for that!

Landscape formats

Loving the look of this Kenton Sorenson portfolio. Not much impact protection, but dang it looks good.

If you want more of a structured workstation, the Incase convertible book jacket looks the goods. It’s not as slim as many, and won’t work all that well within your back, but it sure lets you get all geeky in the library:

How will you carry your iPad?

And one of the few neoprene sleeves offered in landscape opening is the Cote et ciel. Our one worry is that it will probably be a little more fiddly getting it in and out of the sleeve…

How will you carry your iPad?

Note: This is also available as a short opening for you backpack fiends.

And what to put your sleeves in?

When our iPads finally arrive, we expect any travel will see them living in our regular laptop bags. But if you’re looking for something lighter weight that can house your new sleeve, here are a few less well known bags. They don’t offer much protection, but will form some pretty treat surrounds for that sleeve…

Mattt is a tiny label from Melbourne, who has been making slim line bags for years. Elegant and unique:

How will you carry your iPad?

Tailfeather are a new Australian brand just finding traction, and their larger totes carry loads of style.

How will you carry your iPad?

Or the better known Travelteq, makers of delightful briefcases (and the site with those killer tunes):



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