I’ve had quite a few laptops bags in my lifetime and I just love the design on this bag. I take the subway everyday and this is perfect for sliding into nooks and crannies during rush hour. The compression straps are good at making everything compact when you are not using the extra space. The drawstring seems to be quite sturdy, though over time i think it will start to fray. For me, after about one year of every day use, there are a few fibers starting to stick out. The drawstrings are still better than the 25 dollar bags that you find on Amazon. The straps are not super padded if you carry a lot of weight. You also have to be careful when putting down your bag since there isn’t much padding on the bottom to protect your laptop when you put things down. Slightly annoying to unbuckle and open the drawstring every time you want to take something out. (But you get used to it)

That being said, people will compliment you on your bag.