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Neat and discreet comfortable with business or the street

by , March 14, 2017

Overall refinement when compared to previous version of the bag. Even if you are new to ITS messengers don’t fret you have picked the perfect time to hop on the wagon. The most recent generation of the discreet messenger features a waxed canvas exterior with contrasting pack cloth and loop interior. This bag is built to extremes evidenced by the 2 inch webbing throughout, cobra buckles, and stitching that would make your grandmother proud. The exterior of the bag is; like it’s name implies, discreet. The handsome colorways are meant to age naturally throughout the life of the bag. Weathering not your thing? No worries, use some pack wax to restore the original color of the bag.
Now into the interior. You must unbuckle each of the robust buckles to lift the flap and access the inner contents. In a hurry? The messenger has your back there too with a quick access zipper across the full front of the pack. Did I mention the zipper will open from the left or the right? Southpaws rejoice! There are two ways to view the interior. One a blank space open to possibility of many of ITS accessories (tech sleve, holster, etc.)

The second is a minimalists dream of plain loop covered joy. Size wise there is plenty of room for a 15 inch laptop, top layer, off body firearm, extra mags, binder, favorite book, and more if you stuff the four pop pockets. Now let’s talk comfort. Have you ever had a messenger with an ill placed buckle that digs into your shoulder at the worst times? Don’t fret. All personal fit comes by way of two triglide buckles cleverly hidden near the outer two pockets, and feature easily tucked away webbing keepers. Short version no gaps in the front flap when lifted. Prefer briefcase style hand carry? The carry strap is sticthed into the rear panel of the bag preventing any bunching of the front flap when lifted.

The external pop pockets are deep enough for a water bottle and allow for organization using ITS zip pouches for extra cost. If you don’t want to add to the price of the bag these deep pockets can still be utilized for daily items you need quick access to. The front two have elastic for pens or whatever you might clip to your bag. If you do not want to use them two snaps help the pockets stay flat.

If you like simple discreet carry look no further you have arrived– now enjoy your journey!


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.