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Atlas Athlete for the win

by , January 15, 2019

As an avid adventurer who enjoys long hikes, snowboarding, kayaking, and many more outdoor activities. I struggled to find a bag that supported both the ability to keep what’s most precious stored and safe (my $$$ camera) while also retaining the ability to bring every day essential equipment and clothing required for extensive trips. Googling and watching hundreds (literally) of Youtube reviews on bags such as the Shimodo, Fstop, and even new bags such as the upcoming Peak Design bag, nothing suited my needs. Bags either had great camera storage yet lacked normal every day storage or vice versa. Coming across Atlas’s Athlete bag, I gained an keen eye for the bag. Watching more reviews and hestiant about the hefty price tag, I finally spoke with Allen who kindly helped and was the finishing factor in my decision to purchase the bag. This bag is truly amazing in its capabilities and durability with an also very active and friendly customer support system. Though a hefty price tag, it is definitely worth every penny spent and I can only imagine where this bag will take me or how it will continue to impress me through the many adventures to come. This bag is hands down the best bag out and one that is extremely flexible in your requirements.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.