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Love it

Design and form factor is second to none. Great bag!

Awesome pack especially if you have back issues.

I’m no reviewer but I’ve just received my #atlasathletepack from Atlas Packs and can’t recommend them highly enough. I’ve never had a more comfortable or versatile backpack and with my back issues that’s a huge plus. The pack is superbly made, customisable with different frame sizes and belt sizes and you can even remove the […]

Best Photography Bag

I spend my life to traveling, and finding a very wild destinations. Atlas Pack adventure is a perfect friend for my adventures. Inside of this I can put all of my gear video, photo and drone, it has a comfortable design and practical pockets! I recommend it to all photographers looking for a reliable companion […]

Atlas Athlete for the win

As an avid adventurer who enjoys long hikes, snowboarding, kayaking, and many more outdoor activities. I struggled to find a bag that supported both the ability to keep what’s most precious stored and safe (my $$$ camera) while also retaining the ability to bring every day essential equipment and clothing required for extensive trips. Googling […]

Finally found my favorite all around adventure/travel bag

This bag is great, really thought out and high quality. I own a lot of bags but needed a bad that can expand if needed. The Atlas pack can hold a lot but once I reach my destinations I can take off the hip belt, synch the side straps to make the bag look like […]

A couple of wishes

I have the small carry one and the midsize. Love them both. Just bought the bigger carry on with pocket and the everywhere bag. Can’t wait to use them. I travel often (last year almost weekly, mostly domestic with intermittent international locations).

Worn out quickly!

I agree with Charles! My bag has also worn out very quickly, the black turning a strange almost red colour and looking quite scrappy. Disappointed. Also, the buckles are loosing their silver colour and turning brassy. All within about 18 months. I am sad because I actually saved up for this bag 🙁

Stylish bags, terrible quality & customer service

I love the style and versatility of Qwstion products. But that’s where my admiration ends… After three years of moderate use, the stitching for the zipper on their “SIMPLE OFFICE” bag began to come undone. The company wouldn’t fix it because it was off of warranty. So I order a second bag ” ORGANISER” bag. […]

Just Another Bag

Terrible. I have owned the bag for 15 months and the bottom corners are begining to fade. In addition a tear has appeared in one of the bottom corners. Mind you, I use the bag to haul a laptop to and from work. It comes to rest on my leather chair in my office and […]

Perfect for purse or pocket

I am really impressed with these pen cases. I am forever digging in my purse for a pen, and having a dedicated case for pens would be a real time saver for me. I prefer the Lookout because it appears to be sturdy, capable of carrying a variety of pens/pencils, and the color would definitely […]

Just Awesome Cooler!

I would love to give 10/10 but I gave 9 only for its quite heavy. But doesn’t fact anyway. I just love this cooler. But I believe Yeti 35 is the best one, but 45 and 50 not bad. I’ve got a comparison about Yeti Tundra 45 vs 50. This for writing such kind of […]

Keeping looking

I have been a minimalist wallet user before minimalist wallets were even a thing. I have had many throughout my years and this by far is the worst I’ve had. George costanza would call this a large wallet. It is very thin and looks good but the silly fan out feature makes it way to […]

Peak Designs 30L backpack – awesome!

Spent a lot of time on this site and others looking for a versatile and non box type backpack and the 30L version of this was the winner. Use it to commute via train in and out of NYC everyday. The modular interior had been very useful, allowing me to change it when flying, or […]

Good Review

Great review Chase – as an owner of the first Fit pack I was contemplating springing for the new one but after the review I think I honestly prefer the first version. Some of the updates are nice to haves but overall probably not worth the money. Interesting how this pack looks very similar to […]


Love this bag … in a way, and then not so much. Bought it a few months ago to replace a Tom Bihn Western Flyer that was made of Dyneema (aka Halcyon). That stuff is lightweight but just can’t take a beating, no fault of Tom Bihn. I wanted something thick for everyday use and […]

Riders back pack

Video was very informative. Not only did the person give the positives on this back pack he pointed out the bad or difficulties if the bag as well. This gives us the opportunity to grade the Velomacchi back pack ourselves. This was a very good overall video and if your considering purchase of the Velomacchi […]

UPDATE! Costomer Service

This is an update to my previous review above. Minaal’s customer service did contact me after I wrote my post. I don’t think the response was due to my negative post. Rather, I believe it was they were backed up a bit at the time. They took care of the problem right away, and sent […]

Can’t believe you…

… called it lightweight when it basically weighs double of the SummitRocket30 (which you seem to be aware of) while being smaller and not having many additional features.

Just Okay

Construction quality is impressive. Looks nice, but its hampered by three pretty significant omissions. 1. Side pouches aren’t large enough for anything larger than a cell phone. No water bottles (unless you find the narrowest-diameter bottle known to man), no travel mugs. Even a sunglasses case is pushing it. 2. No padding at the bottom […]

Greater than the sum

Despite being something of a traditionalist (I am first in-line for some waxed canvas or leather) when it comes to carry, I chose to take the plunge on the D3. With the design objectives clearly defined and executed to an extraordinarily high standard; this piece of kit is a brilliantly minimalist carry on luggage solution. […]


I wish this was the backpack I was looking for…Sadly, it has given me issues that require me to look for a new bag. The design of the bag does not allow the bag at all to rest comfortably upright. When you are trying to load the bag you have to rig it upright or […]

Aesthetically pleasing bag, good for everything other than a laptop

I’ve had quite a few laptops bags in my lifetime and I just love the design on this bag. I take the subway everyday and this is perfect for sliding into nooks and crannies during rush hour. The compression straps are good at making everything compact when you are not using the extra space. The […]


If I could give a zero I would. Rimowa has and awful engineered product and it’s complimented by a customer service that ultimately is more interested in keeping the revenue from the initial sale rather than making sure the (defective) product is fixed or replaced. Yes, they look great and are lighter than more durable […]

Copy cat

There are more similarities then differences to GoRuck….cmon.

Don’t waste your money

Dropped few thous with them. When it came for a time to resolve an issue with a product of theirs, they completely backed out with ZERO service. Been taking my business elsewhere to companies like Hard Graft, Bleu De Chauffe, Etwas,.. since then. Bought their $900 Utility backpack, only to find later that they use […]

The ultimate daypack

I love the daypack from Topo Designs. It got a slim profile, but it got space for way more than you think before you start using it. And when you think you have reached the limit the strong zippers never gives in and you find space for even more. Have a look at http://vandrer.com/daypack/ where […]

Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L

This is an amazing backpack that to date I haven’t managed to fill getting the larger version may have been a mistake but I love it not the less the flexifold dividers are simply fabulous it is a bit pricey but worth almost every penny, it could do with being 30 is pounds cheaper but […]

Good bag… When stitching holds.

I just started using a bag I purchased a while ago. I really have liked it the first two times I have used it, but the stitching on a strap is starting to rip. I’ve tried contacting Minaal 3 times and have yet to hear back in over a week. The radio silence is concerning, […]

Woah, this is sweet

Note: I have only had the bag two weeks and plan to edit this review in a few months First, this thing is huge. It swallows anything I put in. For example, today I have an extra pair of shoes, workout clothes, a hefty book, my ipad, lunch, and extra tupperware, it’s not even close […]

Aer Gym Duffel Review

I tried to post this review to Aer’s official review website but for whatever reason it is never displayed on the site…. go figure. I bought this gym bag at the beginning of June 2016 and have been using it just about every other day to tote my gym equipment and clothes around for the […]

Bihn happy with he Synapse 25

I’ve been using this for a year now. I’ve been traveling 125-175 days a year for 15 years…..I’ve tried every bag/suitcase combo and could never seem to get it right. This bag with a Tumi international wheel aboard has been perfect. I can get all of my clothes in the suitcase and the TB25 handles […]

Neat and discreet comfortable with business or the street

Overall refinement when compared to previous version of the bag. Even if you are new to ITS messengers don’t fret you have picked the perfect time to hop on the wagon. The most recent generation of the discreet messenger features a waxed canvas exterior with contrasting pack cloth and loop interior. This bag is built […]

Conjunction with exploro cab

Don’t see mention of original cab bag which this was based from

Expectations not met

I agree with everything that has been said in the video. I would like to add that the GPS tracking feature is pretty useless as one needs first to activate the Bluesmart carry-on case by pressing the button on the back of the case (unless a thief would press that button, you wouldn’t be able […]

Love at first sight

I was driving on a busy road in Bangalore, India one evening and my car stopped at a red signal and right next to me was a young biker with an amazing bag on his back. I couldn’t resist and rolled down my window and asked him about the bag and he told me it […]

Stripped down this is a perfect pack

The core pack of the R8 is an amazing waterproof, comfortable and well designed backpack (I used the 40L). Tons of good looking attachments. However having used all of the attachments over the course of a year I found that more often than not I would leave home with only the backpack portion. Simply put […]

Extremely Versatile or Overly Complex

Another solid, high-quality, innovative product that I expect no less of from TAD Gear. The first time I wore it, I fell in love instantly. But the more I wore it, the more I noticed its underlying problems (listed below, some are subjective). I’ve used it as an urban everyday pack, but it’s overtly tactical […]

Hard to beat!

One of the main features of this bag is to separate your smelly gym shoes from the rest of your pack…..but I’ve never used it for this but still get plenty of use with the Aer on a daily basis. The back of the bag has special padded pockets for my laptop and iPad and […]


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.