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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 19 June

Week In Review ~ 19 June

by , June 19, 2016

A pack that gives greater gear access to anglers, a hip pack for hitting the trails, and a carry system designed to mimic the body’s mechanics. Find out more in our Week In Review…

A beast of burden…that isn’t a burden

Seagull Bags Trail Beast

The versatility of the new Seagull Bags Trail Beast will have you joined at the hip…or the shoulder, or even on your bike. Built tough with a rugged 1000D Cordura construction and water-resistant YKK zips, the bag features a removable shoulder strap, a stowable hip belt and handlebar mounting straps. And since hitting the trails can be hot and tiring work, the Trail Beast also includes a removable water bottle holder. Easy to use and multifunctional, this is a bag that pulls its weight across a range of environments.

A pack that nets anglers better gear access

MindShift Gear rotation180° Catch & Release™ fly fishing backpack.

Accessing gear while fly fishing can be challenging. But MindShift Gear’s new pack is a prime catch for anglers who are frustrated with their current carry setup. The MindShift Gear rotation180° Catch & Release™ fly fishing backpack combines the benefits of a backpack, beltpack and chestpack into one versatile design. The bag feature’s MindShift Gear’s innovative rotating beltpack that provides easy access to gear without having to remove the backpack. The beltpack also conveniently converts into a chestpack for wading through deeper water. There are plenty of pockets and attachment points for organizing gear, quick-access fly patches, a water-resistant construction, and optional accessories to complement the pack. Hook more details through the MindShift Gear rotation180° Catch & Release Kickstarter campaign.

Displaying backbone in the quest for carry innovation


A backpack with its own spine? Yep, the VERTEPAC is exactly that. Featuring Parallel Spine technology, the VERTEPAC is designed to mimic the mechanics of the body, allowing excellent freedom of movement and load transfer to the hips. It’s been an involved process, but the folks behind the VERTEPAC are now ready to introduce it to the carry world through their Kickstarter campaign. The VERTEPAC is also a modular system that accepts a variety of bag units to suit different needs, so you can enjoy its benefits during travel, sporting activities and the daily commute.

A stylish stash for small carry

Joshu+Vela Leather Vessel (small and medium)

Small things can become big hurdles to tidy workspaces and home surfaces. But there’s a simple solution at hand. Joshu+Vela has teamed up with designer Julia Lemke of Totem Co. to create the Leather Vessel. Available in small and medium sizes, the Leather Vessel is a handy catchall for small daily carry and work items. Crafted from a single piece of folded leather fastened with copper rivets, the Leather Vessel keeps items within easy reach but out of the way, ensuring you don’t misplace them under papers or knock them off counters or desks.


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