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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 19 May

by , May 20, 2012

Week In Review ~ 19 MayThis week’s Week In Review features some kick ass collaborations, inspiring customization, and a backpack that lets you swan dive backwards off cliffs (no not really, but it’s useful if a ninja goes for your back…)

Week In Review ~ 19 May

Getting creative with the GORUCK GR1

There’s no denying the GORUCK GR1 is a great bag – functional and durable in one clean-looking package (check out our road test). However, the folks at Gear Patrol have done a bit of tweaking to the GR1. You may be thinking, why fix it if it’s not broken, right? Well you’re not fixing so much as working with what is already provided. The GR1 offers the ability to be customized to your needs, and the Gear Patrol write up may give you just the inspiration you were seeking to make a great versatile bag into a lean, mean purpose-focused machine.

Week In Review ~ 19 MayEVOC’s got your back

Got a habit of falling off high places or careening off two wheels? You may want to reconsider your activities then…however, though your head may need checked out for a slight case of insanity, your back can enjoy the protection offered by EVOC’s Enduro backpack with integrated back protector. The back protector can absorb up to 80% of the force applied to it (they even got some people to generously give of their time and attempt to maul said backpack). In addition it’s flexibile and lightweight so it won’t hinder your quest for the next big adventure.

Week In Review ~ 19 May

Flexibility for free spirits

Motorcycles represent freedom. Just get on and go. Whether the wanderlust bug has bitten or you’re commuting to work, you need an equally flexible bag that can hold all the supplies you need for your urban adventure or rural retreat. The Hammarhead Industries Day Pack is a roll top that offers just the kind of freedom and flexibility you need if a motorcycle (or bicyle) is your mode of transport. Made from waterproof waxed cotton and leather, the bag features interior sleeves that will hold a 15″ laptop, iPad, and a Kindle. This write up provides further insight.

Week In Review ~ 19 May

Space invasion

You may wonder if the aliens really are among us with the collaboration between sculptor Tom Sachs and Nike. The collaboration has produced the NIKECraft collection, inspired by astronauts and space travel. You may not be able to afford a trip into space, but at least you can have the ideal bags for such a trip ready and waiting for that lucky lottery ticket.

Week In Review ~ 19 MayKicking back with canvas

Another collaboration – this time from visvim and SOPHNET. – has produced a canvas backpack as part of their Italian Canvas Collection. The backpack features ballistic nylon on the outside for lightness and durability, as well as leather accents.


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