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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 16 April

Week In Review ~ 16 April

by , April 16, 2017

Sleek expandability, versatile modularity and polished urban style for work, travel and play. Discover more in our Week In Review…

EDC eXpandability

Triple Aught Design Axiom X25 Pack

Triple Aught Design are known for their tough, aesthetically tactical gear. But overtly tactical gear can stand out and isn’t the best option when you need a bag that can blend in. That’s where the Triple Aught Design Axiom X25 Pack comes in. Durable but understated, this sleek pack is right at home in urban and travel environments, with plenty of handy features to help you adapt to changing carry needs. The pack is expandable from 25L to 40L to accommodate diverse loads, and includes a dedicated 13″ laptop compartment. There’s also plenty of pockets and attachment points for organization, as well as a separate storage option for dirty items such as gym clothes or shoes. The bag is crafted with a weather-resistant VX-21 Ripstop shell body and VX-42 Ripstop shell bottom to help keep weight to a minimum while still being tough enough to withstand frequent use.

A bag that goes beyond carry

Ruckbug Furoshiki Bag

A lot of bags are versatile enough to carry a range of loads. But what about a bag that’s versatile enough to do more than carry? The Ruckbug Furoshiki Bag is inspired by Japanese furoshiki and features a multifunctional design that adapts to diverse needs. Carry the essentials in backpack form, use it to haul bulky items, unwrap it to form an outdoor blanket, or even utilize it as an emergency shelter. The bag weighs in at just 270 grams and can be folded down into a compact form that can be stored in a jacket pocket or another bag until needed.

Swiss seasonal chic

QWSTION Brown Leather Canvas series

When you’re on the go in the urban jungle it’s good to carry a little nature with you. QWSTION’s Brown Leather Canvas pieces form part of a new Seasonal Edition that brings attractive earthy tones into your everyday carry. Stylish and multifunctional, the pieces are crafted with an eye-catching combination of vegetable-tanned leather and weather-resistant canvas made with 55% GOTS certified organic cotton and 45% recycled cotton. The range includes the QWSTION Backpack, Day Tote and Shopper, as well as the Amenity Pouch and Pencil Pouch which are useful for storing smaller daily and travel items.

Leather luxury for everyday and travel away

Travelteq All Leather Messenger

Timeless style. Quality materials and construction. A functional design that suits everyday and travel use. All good attributes to have in a carry piece, but bring them together and it’s even better. The Travelteq All Leather Messenger will draw more than its fair share of admiring glances whether you’re in the office or striding through the airport. The messenger is crafted by hand in Italy with vegetable-tanned Vachetta leather and comes in three handsome colorways. A choice of interior and exterior pockets provide organization for a laptop, accessories, EDC or travel items, while a luggage strap secures the messenger to a suitcase for easy combined transport.

Modularity with a burning passion for adventure

Black Ember V4 Modular Adventure Travel Pack

Black Ember are no strangers to lighting up the carry scene with modular gear. With their latest piece, the V4 Modular Adventure Travel Pack, they show no signs of fizzling out. The pack suits international carry-on size and features stowable backpack straps and a clamshell-style design for convenient packing and access. Compression straps allow the pack to be cinched into a more compact form for smaller loads and can also be used to attach gear externally. Complementing the pack are a variety of modular DSLR cubes, a modular fold-out laptop sleeve, and modular compression cubes that can be quickly attached and detached in order to tailor your carry to a range of different needs such as travel, photography or EDC use. In addition, the cubes can also be worn separately as shoulder bags when you just need to carry the essentials. Check out a quick look of the pack here and visit the Black Ember V4 Modular Adventure Travel Pack Kickstarter campaign for more details.


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