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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 12 January

by , January 12, 2013
Week In Review ~ 12 January
Welcome to the Week In Review. We’re checking out two backpacks (that work for the office and out and about respectively), a luggage tracking device and some handy hacking in the form of tips for waterproofing your own canvas bag. So let’s get started…
DIY Waterproofing
Week In Review ~ 12 January
The chances are you’d always opt for a waterproof bag wherever possible. However having the added protection for your bag’s contents comes at a price. Is there a cheaper alternative? Yes – waterproof your own canvas bag. How? By checking out this handy guide. It’s important to note we haven’t tested this ourselves but if anyone wants to give it a try we’d be keen to hear about the results.
Translucent trendsetting

Week In Review ~ 12 January

In terms of creative style, Haerfest’s use of translucent liquid PVC on their AE1 backpack offers an unusual and eye-catching effect. The pack also incorporates gray lambskin, antiqued brass hardware and YKK zippers, as well as some nice design detailing on the adjustable single strap that functions as two shoulder straps thanks to a brass ring and stud system.
Keeping connected with your carry
Week In Review ~ 12 January
The plane touches down, you’re amped for the important business meeting just a few hours away, or alternatively the warm beach sand or fresh snow that awaits…only to discover your luggage is in another country. Nice. The Trakdot Luggage device from GlobaTrac aims to provide some traveler peace of mind by tracking your luggage. Obviously it can’t guarantee that your luggage is going to make it to the right destination (that’s quite literally in the hands of hopefully competent baggage handlers) but you can check where your bags are and where they’ve been via the Trakdot website or a mobile phone app. The device tracks its location via a cellular network and you receive a confirmation text message or email when your luggage arrives. There’s a one-off activation fee and annual service fee in addition to the cost of the Trakdot Luggage tracker, so maybe not for everyone, but if you’re a frequent flyer then it’s probably a worthwhile investment.
Rag & Bone gets creative with color
Week In Review ~ 12 January
Incorporating black coated canvas, a tan suede bottom and vivid blue zips, there’s no denying this Rag & Bone backpack stands out from the crowd. In terms of features it has a chest strap, adjustable shoulder straps, as well as interior and exterior pockets in addition to the main compartment. If anyone’s tested one of these packs it would be great to get your views in the comments.
And the winner is…
Week In Review ~ 12 January
Our Carry Awards 2012 winners have been chosen and announced. If you don’t know already, click here to discover who came out tops. A big thank you to everyone who voted, a salute to all the fantastic bags that participated and congratulations to the winners!


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