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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 1 December

by , December 1, 2012
Week In Review ~ 1 December
A pretty varied collection in this Week In Review, there’s a little something for everyone.  Perhaps you’re a messenger fan, a regular traveler or have a habit of ending up doing dishes in restaurants because you forget your wallet at home.  Maybe your true love is Made in USA carry or you’re keen to share your view on the carry that’s rocked your world this year.  Sound like you?  Then keep on reading…
Snapshot of a brand
Week In Review ~ 1 December
They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well there’s no denying that the Chari & Co. x Porter messenger is a pretty cool way to showcase what is essentially a photographic history of the all-things-bike-related brand Chari & Co.  The messenger comes in three sizes and is not complex in design – a few interior pockets, a reflective strip and a shoulder strap are among the main features – but the imagery on the bag is constructed out of 175 photos of the brand’s family and friends as well as objects and locations that have been snapped since the brand opened its doors in 2008.  If you’re interested you can buy the bag online here.

Keeping track of new technology

Ever had the situation where you need your wallet and it’s nowhere to be found?  Running late for the airport and can’t find it in your home?  Looking at some killer new carry but your card or cash has deserted you?  Well the Wallet TrackR aims to prevent such situations by allowing your iPhone to track your wallet via an app and a Bluetooth device that slips inside the wallet.  Check out the video above or visit the wallet TrackR site to find out more.
Bag it and tag it
Week In Review ~ 1 December
Stemming from a collaboration between Two Arms Inc. and Herb Lester, this luggage tag set is pretty fun.  The tags are constructed out of Tyvek and resist water and tearing.  Plus each tag has a different theme – Rail, Air, Land or Sea.  Very reasonably priced too – £3.50 for a set of four (approximately $5.60) plus postage.
Flying the flag
Week In Review ~ 1 December
In an effort to introduce Made in USA products to a wider, more style-conscious audience whilst also making it easier to find such products in the first place A Continuous Lean has put together the aptly named American List.  If you’re a regular Carryology reader you’ll no doubt recognise a few of the brands listed (for example Triple Aught Design, Frank Clegg Leatherworks, Goruck, Makr and Topo Designs).  However there may be a few you’re unfamiliar with that might just become your new favorite carry brand. So whether you’re keen to get your hands on USA-made carry or just interested in scoping out some new brands, the list is well worth checking out.
Carry Awards 2012
Week In Review ~ 1 December
If you haven’t sent in your nominations for the 2012 Carryology Carry Awards yet we urge you to do so – the more people who enter, the more accurate views we get on what carry you guys are loving – plus it’s an opportunity to promote your favorite brands so that even more people can find out about their awesomeness.  You can submit your votes here.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.