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Week in Review

Week In Carry ~ 28 April

by , April 28, 2012

Week In Carry ~ 28 April

Have you had places to go and people to see? You probably had some sort of carry with you. Want to see how others have been getting things done? Well now’s your chance to find out what’s been happening in the wider world of carry this week…

Week In Carry ~ 28 April

The Go Bag

Whether you have a last minute business trip, a spur of the moment short break, or the zombie invasion is nigh, chances are you’ll need a go bag packed and ready to grab. Check out this very handy write up for tips on how to assemble your own awesome go bag: http://bit.ly/I7TVGH

Week In Carry ~ 28 AprilLuxury Carry: Mismo

The Mismo carry collection isn’t just aesthetically beautiful, it also offers functionality and durability. Opumo have an informative write up on the brand here: http://bit.ly/Kc2eAX. Mismo describes its creations as “refined classics for a vibrant lifestyle”. By vibrant we’re talking globetrotting in your private plane, not off-road cycling in torrential rain. Trust us, you wouldn’t want a speck of mud anywhere near these beauties…

freitag beach tote bags 2012 6 Freitag Reference R515 Williams Woven Beach Tote BagsFreitag Beach Tote Bags

The Swiss brand Freitag have brought out a very funky range of beach tote bags. What makes Freitag stand out from the crowd is the fact that they use materials such as used truck tarpaulins, seatbelts, airbags and bike inner tubes. Each Freibag product is unique, which gives added appeal to these fun tote bags. Perfect for day-to-day use and when the sun and surf are up (and let’s face it, if you’re hardcore enough, the surf is always up…even in winter…).

Week In Carry ~ 28 April

Masculine But Fresh: The Burberry Tote

There’s no denying this is a pretty sweet-looking bag. Made from coated cotton canvas, the bag has interior pockets and a detachable leather shoulder strap.

Week In Carry ~ 28 April

Picking A Good Wallet: The Guide

Wallets are like puppies…they’re not just for Christmas (they’re for birthdays too!). All jokes aside, picking a wallet is a serious business, as not only do they have to serve a required purpose but they also have to fit your personality. It’s likely that you’ll keep your wallet for several years at least, so you want to make sure you make the right choice. Luckily for you, there just happens to be a helpful Opumo guide to simplify the decision-making process: http://bit.ly/JZPZY6

Happy carrying for the week ahead!


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