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Carryology Survey

by , June 17, 2013


It’s been a fun couple of years so far huh? Carryology has grown from just a couple of us sitting round a metaphorical campfire talking bags, messengers and carry chatter, to a global site that’s working with some of the most amazing carry folk and brands around. It’s all rather exciting. But, progress doesn’t stop. We’re in the middle of creating a new site, improved, fresh content, revised categories, better usability, etc…

Seeing as it’s you guys who use the site so much – comments, page views, clicks, etc – we thought it’d be a pretty neat idea to get you all involved in throwing us some feedback on what you’d like to see more/less of in the new Carryology. Below is a quick little survey, nothing too serious, but it will give us a great chance to get some insights into what you’re digging or not digging about Carryology right now.

What you see below is the first part, it’s quick, simple and pretty straight forward. We split it up so that we didn’t clog your day up or take over the whole survey world 🙂

If you think you’d like to share more feedback with us, or just want to keep answering questions – you can head over to Part II of the Carryology Survey. It’s got some bigger questions and is a little longer…

Pssst, you can access the next part of it all here > Thanks for taking part! We’ve closed off the survey. 


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.