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Liking :: Gravis

by , January 19, 2011

Liking :: Gravis

Gravis | Liking

Who are they: While they started out in footwear, Gravis were one of the first action sports brand to pay attention to luggage and give people who may not of even been a part of the action sports world a viable option for their luggage needs. Being under the Burton umbrella allows them access to some great R&D options and as such they continue to pump solid ranges year in year out.

Why we like it: Personally, I love the color stories they deliver with each range. But from a product point, Gravis have collaborated with some of the biggest names before it became cool to collaborate, people such as Stash, Futura, etc…. (google Gravis Blackbox collections) On top of that Gravis have designed some of the modern classics (within the action sports arena) like their Metro Pack and Jetway Carry On Bag that are now copied by competitors.

Who else might like it: Anyone who can identify with a love for skate/surf/travel, etc but wants something a little more quality. A little more receptive to their needs as they grow older.

Where they are: Based out Orange County in California, they are part of the Burton family and as such had early beginnings back Vermont. Nowadays you can grab them online or pretty much any good bag reseller.


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