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What backpack do you use?

by , February 18, 2011

What backpack do you use?

What Backpack do you use?

This is a gamble of a post, but we wanted to do something different to creating another post in a ‘from us to you’ style. Plus, we’re keen to see if we can expose any new brands or crazy looking backpacks…

So, what we want to know is what backpack you’re currently using. And how. Easy, right? seeing as you probably have a phone on camera… Well, take a shot (please aim for landscape if possible) of your backpack (either wearing it or sitting by itself) and email the shot to us along with the brand and style of the backpack and three points on why you like it. Keep it short enough unless you really do write well, and then fire a good yarn at us.

Is that easy enough for you? For every image and description we get, we will post it up here in this article. And if you have a twitter or website, let us know so we can credit the shot to you.

Go! Email all images and descriptions to info@carryology.com
To make it easy, I’ll go first with my back pack below…

1/ Incase :: Nylon Backpack
*It’s got an amazing organization structure on the inside – so many neat pockets, etc
*I love the laptop holding area and it’s faux fur lining
*There is a neat little secret hidden pocket for my passport or other items

What backpack do you use?

2/ MEC Dragonfly 17 Daypack.

Scott Baldwin is first cab off the rank with submitting his MEC Dragonfly 17 Daypack

“Small enough not to stop you carrying too much stuff but also large enough to fit a 15″ Macbook Pro, a book and some other basics when I travel. It’s light, has easily accessible pockets and a handy strap system to hold a board or coat.”

Scotty’s twitter handle is @benry if you want to chase him up about the bag…

What backpack do you use?

3/ Tom Bihn Imago

The Imago is what Jesse from Seattle is currently using.

It’s just the right size for my notebook, keys, wallet, reader, multi-tool and gloves. There’s even room for anything else I pick up through the day. Bihn makes amazing quality bags right here in Seattle. I got my Imago at the ’store’, really just a room next to the production sewing room and was let in by Tom himself.

Jesse has a Tumblr happening if you want to follow him or even ask him some questions about the Imago

What backpack do you use?

4/ Tom Bihn Smart Alec

The Smart Alec from Tom Bihn is what Brian Stowell is currently using when touring round with bands selling merchandise.

I rock Tom Bihn’s Smart Alec as my backpack. I tour with a band doing merchandise and I make my bag earn it’s keep. It always contains a plethora of items including:
– Canon Rebel XT with a Sigma 17-70 f/2.8 lens attached
– Canon 50mm f/1.8 for backup
– all of the appropriate cables, connectors, CD cards, chargers, external drives, and the like.
– Thermos brand Stainless King travel mug (best coffee mug ever)
– mini first aid kit
– laptop, toothbrush, work gloves, passport, cash, change, business cards, pens, sharpies

It’s really amazing what I manage to cram in this bag and still be comfortable carrying it for extensive distances. Tom Bihn’s products come highly recommended.

Brian has a pretty neat Tumblr happening if you want to follow him or even ask him some questions about the Smart Alec.

What backpack do you use?

5/ Belkin Sling Bag & REI Flash 18 Pack

Paul has decided to share two backpacks with us. He had trouble seperating the two, seeing as he uses one for work and one for play.

Belkin Sling Bag

“This is my daily work bag. For years I had used messenger style bags but when my girlfriend gave me her old one I took a liking to its slim design. It has actually pushed me more into liking backpacks in general (even if it is a sling bag technically).

– MacBook Pro 15″, notepad and various small, everyday carry items

– the included cable pouch, which is long but thin to match the bag and holds my portal hard drive and your usual suspects of cables.

There is room for the occasional extra item or two, but anything bulky fills it up and can make it difficult to close. Great for a train commuter such as myself, provided you don’t need to carry much more than a laptop and some accessories.”

What backpack do you use?

REI Flash 18 Pack

“This is my hiking and recreational daypack. It handles a water bladder and has two netted pockets for small accessories on the inside, but otherwise it is a simple top loaded bag that gives up organization for a smaller frame and lighter weight. It can be turned inside out, creating a stuff sack. When used with a larger bag it can be an organized stuff sack inside the larger bag, then pulled out and turned into a daypack.

It easily carries my Ten Essentials, plus lunch and a jacket. It lacks structure when mostly empty and it isn’t the most padded daypack out there, but it is simple and very light.”

What backpack do you use?

6/ Goruck GR1

The Goruck GR1 is the bag owned by Gregory Nelson, who has some real neat photos on his Tumblr. He claims the strong points of the GR1 are:

*strong, versatile, well constructed, durable, load bearing and comfortable

*tactically inspired yet minimal design

*clamshell opening provides full access to versatile interior layout

What backpack do you use?

7/ Slicks Suit 25

One of our contributors has decided to weigh in on the ‘What Backpack are you using?’ debate with his recently Road Tested Slicks Suit 25 Backpack. Below are the three things Ando is digging about it:

*Squarish format swallows work related stuff for travel or commuting

*It has a suit folder included that keeps those fancy velour lounge suits of mine pristine

*It’s very black, which works a treat for rocking up to work commitments.

What backpack do you use?


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