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Choosing a Carry Quiver

by , May 20, 2011

Choosing a Carry Quiver

Choosing a Carry Quiver

At Carryology, we spend much of our lives searching for better ways to carry. We figure that when you have your tools and toys close at hand, you’re more likely to explore the world with confidence and curiosity, and that sounds like a key ingredient to a happy life.

As frequent customers of Rushfaster, we worked with them on creating a guest post for their blog based around picking out a carry quiver from their range. You can peek the article over on their blog HERE. We assumed that this quiver would be for a working person who may need to carry a laptop, a few digital toys, travels a bit, and mixes work and play.

With that in mind, here goes…

Main Backpack

Choosing a Carry Quiver

This is a go to pack that will work on a bike, train or plane. It can carry gear for work and an after hours activity, and then double for an overnight trip with the basics.

Chrome is a San Fran brand built with bikes in mind. This means you get great water-resistance, an ability to swallow larger loads, and a bit of street cred in the mix. Their Ivan Roll-top is a larger pack, with the smaller option called the Pawn. Did you see our review on the Ivan?

Peek the Chrome Ivan at Rushfaster.

With Laptop Sleeve

Choosing a Carry Quiver

Because the Chrome Ivan was originally designed with bike couriers in mind, you need a padded sleeve if you’re going to haul a laptop around. The front zip pocket works a treat to slip a sleeve into though, so it’s pretty easy.

Incase is another Californian brand, with close ties to Apple. While we’d normally pick a portrait oriented sleeve for a backpack (easier access for a pack’s vertical format), we settled for the landscape Coated Canvas sleeve that feels deluxe and will work well in messenger bags. (not ideal for a backpack being in landscape format, but we like the mud!)

Peek the Incase Laptop Sleeve at Rushfaster


Small Satchel (It’s European!)

Choosing a Carry Quiver

There’s times when a big pack just feels unwieldy. If you’re carrying an iPad, a bit of food and a document or book, there’s nothing like a small satchel to stay discreet.

All The Kings Men is a tiny brand with a long history of making really neat shoulder bags. Based in Melbourne, their iconic messenger bags/satchels were one of the front runners of the return to urban bags. These age really well, and are just large enough to cover a work day’s worth of stuff.

Peek the ATKM Satchel at Rushfaster



Choosing a Carry Quiver

Weekender bags are really tricky to do well. A good weekender should let you escape for a few nights without looking like it’s a work trip. We think wheeled cabin bags belong in airports, and if you’re going leather, you generally need to spend a bomb for something that looks good. This is where duffel or utility based bags can work well; they give you that relaxed feel, without spending a fortune.

The North Face Base Camp Duffels are a classic, having been hauled up countless big walls and through plenty of deep swamps. They’ll last you years, and become more credible with the more abuse they receive.

Peek The North Face duffle at Rushfaster



Choosing a Carry Quiver

Big wallets are really not cool. They bulge and skew your trousers, throw your back out, and announce to the world that you are totally unorganised. In wallets, small is the only way to go.

When it comes to wallet brands, we have to admit we are a little biased, as some of our contributors also work and design for Bellroy. But if you’re after a small wallet that can still carry up to 15 or so cards, some cash, and show you appreciate a little craft, then we love the Slim Sleeve.

Peek the Slim Sleeve wallet at Rushfaster

Of course we have MANY more bags, wallets and travel pieces than the above. But as a starting point, we think you’d be pretty stoked with these.


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