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Changing backpacks

by , April 23, 2010
Kinda like Darth Vada and Bugs Bunny

A change is as good as a holiday

I’ve been using backpacks lately. More so than messengers. The messengers are great when I travel light, but if I then spot a great design book, or need to haul my skatie, my back suffers.

So I was about to swap from a Chrome pack to a new Incase, when I started to reflect on just how much variation the backpack world offers…

The Chrome Ivan Rolltop is a BIG pack, it weighs a bit, and it looks intimidating. But get caught in a storm, get stuck hauling an artworks, or hang at a bike polo game, and nothing compares.

The Incase Paul Rodriguez skate pack is almost a cartoon character in comparison. It’s weighs nothing (PU backed Nylon is light!), it costs about half as much, and it’s not going to survive a tropical downpour. But the thing is addictive. Every time I look over at it, I smile.

They both fit my 17″ Macbook (while missing a proper laptop section, the front zip pocket on the Chrome works great), they both hold a sweater, some tech, work stuff, and a few munchies. But man do they do it with different flavors.

So my goal over the next 6 months is to get my bag contents more modular. I figure if I can get all my work stuff in a pull-out organizer, and my play stuff in a waterproof insert, then I’ll be able to swap bags in an F1 style pit stop, and that should help me get a bag better dialed to suit the occasion.

For now, I’m going to play with the Incase for awhile, and see if it can keep my smile quota up. I’m also thinking that maybe I should shave. Facial hair seemed to suit the Chrome pack better…

Changing backpacks
Even the straps make a statement about intent.
Changing backpacks
The hanging front zip pocket fits a laptop perfectly.
Changing backpacks
How can you not smile seeing a yellow interior!


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.