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Trade show season is upon us

by , August 4, 2011

Trade show season is upon us

It’s about this time of year, each year, when the trade show season clicks into gear. It does it again in Jan/Feb, but it’s these Nth Hemi summer based shows when the industry gets to share a beer or ten in warm climates, while pouring over the latest fashion, active and carry gear…

While intended for the industry, any carry fan with enough imagination will work out how to get a guernsey. Carryology contributors will try to share highlights from some of these shows for those that can’t make it. Then for the shows we can’t get to, we’re hoping some of our readers will send in a few pics.

So here’s a few shows to expect coverage of over the coming weeks.

Agenda show – Huntington (California)

Trade show season is upon us

Agenda is a streetwear and action sports oriented show crammed into buildings with bad carpet. It’s running right now (Aug 3rd & 4th), and should give us the inside view on more youth fashion oriented carry stuff. A neat bonus if you’re visiting is you can drop in on some of the Carryology contributors working with Bellroy.

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market – (Salt Lake City)

Trade show season is upon us

The Outdoor Retailer shows are unsurprisingly chock full of outdoor carry brands. Running from August 4th-7th, you’ll get to geek out on all sorts of action gear. Another of our contributors Taylor will be there over the weekend, meeting with new clients, and researching new trends in carry – like innovative technologies, suspension systems, and shiny materials. If you spot him roaming the floor (look for a large handlebar moustache in the convention center and that will be him), go say hello!

Project show – Vegas

Trade show season is upon us

Project focuses more on fashion brands, and from August 22nd-24th should be more about the canvas and leather side of carrying. We’re trying to get a couple of our crew down there to cover it, and will hopefully bring back photos of bags and wallets that few of us can afford.

And if any of our other readers spot some great carry gear to share, please do send it in (blog@carryology.com). We’ll be sure to share it with everyone.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.