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Short, and to the point…

by , April 26, 2010

Short, and to the point…

Carryology is where our main ideas get posted, but we also have a bunch of other postings and conversations going on via other platforms (is ‘platforms’ a banned word?).

If Facebook is your thing, check out facebook.com/carryology. You can share ideas, comment on up-coming articles, and even scroll through some of our favourite posts.

But if it’s Twitter that rocks your boat, you can find link love to all sorts of nice carry. We’ll often post a cool bag, wallet, or carry idea that we don’t otherwise mention on Carryology.

Not sure whether you’re sold? Here are a few of our recent tweets to judge for yourself:

1/ A clever take on hanging shelves – you can then close them up and carry away. Accordion bag on bltd:http://bit.ly/cy0fuM 1:57 PM Apr 2nd via TweetDeck

2/ Wallet too big? Take photos of your non-magnetic strip cards and store those in Evernote on your phone, or as numbers under your contacts.4:06 PM Mar 16th via Echofon

3/ Carrying water has progressed from pig’s bladders, thru to bulky Sigg bottles, and now collapsible BPA free plastic:http://bit.ly/apPqK212:17 AM Feb 21st via TweetDeck

4/ Good pocketing in a snow jacket needs to be high on the torso (less interference and movement). This jacket nails it:http://bit.ly/ccv2A2 9:16 PM Mar 18th via TweetDeck

5/ Vegetable tanning leaves leather stiffer than chrome tanning. Perhaps Porter should have gone thinner to allow for this http://bit.ly/djWMEZ 3:11 PM Feb 16th via TweetDeck

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Short, and to the point…


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.