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Bag Watching…

by , September 5, 2011

Bag Watching…

It’s akin to people watching. You can sit around and just watch and marvel at some of the bags that people walk around with… Watching people walk around is one thing, but watching what those people are using as their main carry device definitely takes the concept to creepier levels… But hey, better to have a bag fetish then say, a hairspray fetish – would be kind of weird trying to smell hair in the street, no? 🙂 Here’s a few bag snaps I took while in the US…

So I just spent three months in the US during their summer. Fair to say I had some fun… But while trekking around the country I took a fair few snaps of what other people are rolling round with as their main carry device and while backpacks seem the majority (of the small sample I took) there were still some interesting items getting used.

Most of the shots were taken during a tradeshow (Agenda) at the start of August, others were taking on the streets. Not sure how much an carry insight this post actually shares, but I did find it interesting seeing what other people roll round with.

What about you? You do your fair share of bag watching? Care to share some snaps?

  • Jeffrey

    I always bag watch when I’m at school and going from class to class. However, there is never much of a variety where I live.

    • Leather

      Where abouts is that Jeffrey?
      Some of us are down just west of Melbourne and we don’t get a great run of bag watching unless we head into the city…

  • Taylor

    I admit, I do this whenever I’m out in public. I’ll even start a conversation with someone based on their carry alone, at least if its worth talking about.

    In fact, I may start to trail off in a conversation with a friend as I turn my head and watch an interesting carry example walk by, meanwhile mouthing the brand and model of the bag.

    It’s a sickness, I know. But, I suppose that is why I design them for a living.

    • Leather

      ha. i love it Taylor. Keep it up, be interesting to see what you find some days if you wanted to share…

  • http://exclamationspace.tumblr.com Johnson

    I am guilty of people watching, bag watching, dog lurking, and even jacket watching (I was at the markets in the rain the other day and spying in the windbreakers and rain jackets people were wearing).

  • Taylor

    My girlfriend thought she caught me checking out some girl at the local Austin farmers market, then believed me when I told her the name and model of the backpack the girl was wearing, along with the date that it came out (I recall it being only a week or two old at that point). Funny stuff.

  • http://www.luxusaccessories.com/ogio Ogio Canada

    Beautiful bags. Really catch a fashion lover’s eyes. Well, we really have different taste regarding in fashion.

  • Kate

    Try taking the tube in London every day. All I do, for my hour on the hammersmith & city line is check out what bags people are carrying. I’ve even been known to snap a pick or two (secretly) of bags I like. It’s addictive!


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.