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A Carryology Guide

by , September 9, 2011

A Carryology Guide

We get to play around with some rad carry stuff, we get so many amazing insights, tips, tricks and ideas on better ways to carry that this site tends to overflow with content. Such a level of content where it’s always new, new, new, makes it easy to forget about some of the really rad posts we threw up way back when.

So to help avoid a dreaded search of the site, or if you’re not online, we created a Carryology Guide that you can take anywhere with you (digitally at the moment). It’s a mix of awesomeness, radness and amazingness all rolled into one for your reading pleasure.

We could sit here and write a whole bunch of text on why we put it together, what it contains and our plans for future carry world domination. But, I’m imagine that would be silly and a waste of time when all you really want is the link to the guide right? Well, here it is…

You can download the guide (in a lo res version, but still really neat on your screen) by clicking HERE.

Let us know your thoughts once you had a couple of flick throughs…

  • Jeffrey

    Link is broken as of the moment.

    • Leather

      thanks for the heads up Jeffrey, link is fixed now. Go for it!

  • M

    Download link’s not working!!! Error 404!

    • Leather

      Should be working now M, check again and let us know…

  • Jeffrey

    Yup, good to go guys. Checking it out now!

    • Chris Peterson

      The link seems to be broken again. Would definitely like to check the book out. Thanks.

  • http://julienschiess.com Julien

    Awesome guys ! You rock !

    I forward it 🙂

  • Chris

    I like the guide, but i’ve noticed a few spelling errors. On Page 26 you feature a bag from a company called Victorianox. Who’s that?!

    Nice job though!

  • http://Www.monsieurlam.com Lam

    Just dl/ed it, can’t wait to read it !

  • http://twitter.com/mister_ethan ethan

    I dig it. Very nice stuff. I agree with Chris, there are some typos and such, but I like the layout a lot. And it got me thinking about my wallet (again).

  • Martha

    The link is broken!

    • Leather

      Hi Martha,

      We’ve just updated the link for you. Should be working now.


      • Martha

        Thank You!


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.